Minutes October 19, 2000







Bernie Goldstein brought the meeting to order at 8:08AM. Goldstein indicated that the meeting would end early due to meetings with visiting Trustee Gould. Dennis Harris moved and Katharyn Crabbe seconded a motion to approve the proposed agenda. The agenda was passed unanimously.


Goldstein asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the September 14, 2000 meeting. Katharyn Crabbe moved and Rand Link seconded the motion. Rick Luttmann noted that Merrifield should not have been listed as absent, he was late. The minutes, as corrected, were approved with one dissenting vote from Harris. Those not present at the September 14, 2000 meeting abstained.


Employee Development

Schlereth reported that one-time CSU funding has made it possible to fund certain employee development initiatives. Of the available $106,000, $74,200 has been set aside for faculty development and $31,800 for staff development. Goldstein indicated that the $74,200 for faculty would be used to fund faculty travel with a small portion set aside for Provost Office initiatives. Katie Pierce has set up accountability measures. Schlereth indicated that the $31,800 for staff development would be used for technology training which faculty could attend as well

Technology BATS

Schlereth reported that $322,100 in BATS Technology funding was available and was allocated as follows: Faculty Workstation Program $130,000; Academic Software $16,400; Student Computer Labs $51,700; and Student Employment in IT $124, 000.

Technology Lottery

Schlereth reported that additional technology money of $106,000 had been made available through lottery funds. Schlereth allocated the entire portion for refresh of dated student computer labs.

Instructional Equipment

Goldstein explained that the $82,000 for instructional equipment had come from additional lottery revenue and must be used for purposes in line with those listed in lottery material. Most of these programs reside within Natural Sciences; therefore most of the money will go there as well. Another $60,000 will be needed to fund emergency equipment needs in other schools. Schlereth hope to develop a plan to fund these needs by the next PBAC meeting.


(Please see the October 19, 2000 Agenda packet for this document)

Schlereth reminded members that auxiliary’s were separate 501(c)(3) corporation of which the PBAC has little budget authority

Sonoma State Enterprises

Schlereth reported that net income for SSE reached close to $750,000 for the 99/00 fiscal year. Most of this money has been restricted for the University Center, Faculty and Staff Housing, and Green Music Center dining and retail needs. Schlereth went on to explain some of the revenue variances

Student Union

Schlereth reported that the Student Union’s viability is threatened due to the impending reduction in fees required by law when the Student Union building bonds are paid off. The only way for the Student Union to not lose fee revenue would be to go into debt with new bonds.

Associated Students

Schlereth reported that this organization is in good health. Revenues increased due to a fee increase that started last year.


(Please see the October 19, 2000 Agenda packet for this document)

Schlereth presented a list of environmental factors he believes will effect the University over the next five years. Schlereth feels it to be important to have planning assumptions for the future. This document has also been presented to the Academic Planning Committee. Luttmann believes that many of the problems on this list cannot be solved without help from the system level, and asked that the document be presented to Trustee Gould. Schlereth would like feedback on the list first because the campus may not agree with some of the items. Melinda Barnard feels the sixth bullet has three issues and does not want to see them lost on each other. She would like to see the items in this bullet separated. Goldstein would like to see an item added dealing with funding curriculum issues. Crabbe feels student support issues should be addressed, not just for growth, but also our changing population. Eric Carlson feels student life issues are crucial as well. Todd DeMitchell expressed a need for a more comprehensive compensation plan for faculty with the impending on-set of year-round operations. Barnard agrees with most of the list, however would like to see some of the points broken out. Schlereth said the list should be prioritized and trade-offs determined. Scott Gordon noted that the CIS labs are in great need of update; however funding of disability accessible computers is eating all the funding. He would like to see other fund sources his department could dip into. Schlereth noted that these labs have been incorporated into a plan to be refreshed every three years. Gordon asked if a plan had been developed to ensure the Green Music Center would not siphon money from the general fund. Goldstein and Schlereth responded that ideas are out regarding the instructional component of the Green Music Center. They are hoping this component would add FTE. Barnard noted that certain areas in Arts and Humanities such as KSUN and the Star may not have ADA access. Schlereth responded that our classroom renovation program should take care of this. Rand Link agreed with Crabbe that support services need to be increased.


Goldstein adjourned the meeting at 9:40am

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

PBAC minutes 2000-2001
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