Minutes November 9, 2000







Bernie Goldstein brought the meeting to order at 8:12AM. Bill Barnier moved and Rand Link seconded a motion to approve the proposed agenda. The agenda was passed unanimously.


Goldstein asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the October 19, 2000 meeting. Rick Luttmann moved and Rand Link seconded the motion. The minutes were approved with one dissenting vote from Dennis Harris. Those not present at the October 19, 2000 meeting abstained

Luttmann feels it is highly inappropriate that President Armiñana does not attend President’s Budget Advisory Committee meetings. He made a motion requesting President Armiñana’s attendance at future PBAC meetings. Victor Garlin seconded the motion. Melinda Barnard disagrees with this motion. Barnard feels the PBAC has worked effectively with good discussions and consensus which may not continue if the President were added to the committee. Harris agreed with Barnard’s comments. Harris recalled past PBAC meetings during the Benson administration when President Benson sat on the Committee and feels the absence of the President offers more candor and less playing to the President. Garlin explained that he did not second the motion on merit, but to persuade discussion. Garlin agrees that the candor would be less if President Armiñana were in attendance and finds this regrettable. Garlin would like to see a better understanding by the President of the topics and feelings of the Committee. Luttmann "regretfully" agreed with Garlin’s comments and feels there is a problem, however deferred to the wishes of the Committee on this matter. Schlereth feels the old model was very exclusive and, with Don Farrish, persuaded President Armiñana to expand the Committee to be more inclusive. Schlereth explained that he and Dr. Goldstein not only brief the President about the Committee’s work, but also the political implications. Schlereth stated that for the most part the President has approved the recommendations of the Committee and takes the Committee’s work very seriously. Harris clarified his statement that the absence of the President offers more candor and less playing to the President. Harris expressed his exception to Garlin and Luttmanns’ comments that candor would be less if Dr. Armiñana were in attendance. Harris believes it has more to do with the position of President than the person. Luttmann withdrew the motion.


(Please see the November 9, 2000 Agenda packet for this document)

Schlereth presented the CSU Board of Trustees budget request for the 2001-2002 fiscal year. Schlereth explained that the key to this budget request being accepted is the partnership developed between the CSU and the Governor’s Office. The Governor, may not abide by this partnership, however, if the CSU does not meet the agreed upon enrollment targets. Luttmann expressed surprise that enrollment targets are not being met considering the onset of "tidal wave 2". Schlereth explained that expensive housing prices and the booming economy were affecting enrollment at Bay Area campuses. Further, Southern California campuses that usually are over target are managing enrollment to stay on target. Luttmann informed the Committee that 15 full-time faculty positions would need to be added this year to keep our current student to faculty ratio (SFR) of 20:1. Schlereth indicated that the administration is aware of this and the President may require this planning during our budget discussions. Garlin asked where we stood in regard to applications and "tidal wave 2". Rand Link indicated that the overall pool has increased with our freshmen applications up and our transfer applications down. Garlin added that we have seen a slow steady growth, but not an overwhelming tidal wave and asked if this "tidal wave" will come. Various opinions were expressed with no conclusion


(Please see the November 9, 2000 Agenda packet for this document)

Schlereth presented the External Environmental Factors list and noted that the enrollment growth number in the first bullet and second bullet dealing with CSU new funds are coming true. Barnier noted that the growth number looked high for this campus and asked what process determined this. Goldstein responded that the process included consultation with the Academic Planning Committee, the Vice President’s Budget Advisory Committee, and other bodies. A recommendation was developed and sent to the President for approval. Eric Carlson feels Sonoma has room to grow and will be asked by the system to do so. Carlson also believes Sonoma must be aware of the students it attracts and cater to them. He reiterated the need for student services to prepare outgoing students for the "real world". Phil McGough would like to see a bullet which addresses the 20:1 SFR. Schlereth warned the Committee that our need for student housing could affect us now and in the future. Schlereth also feels housing for faculty is important, however this has yet to be embraced by the faculty. McGough feels it would be useful for the faculty housing concept to be presented to the Senate. Schlereth indicated that we are making progress in attaining permanent BATS funding at the CSU level. Schlereth announced that Sonoma has been asked to be a pilot campus for the CMS student services module. This commitment would require $6.5 million for three years. Our current CMS budget has allocated $4.5 million for this. The $2 million unfunded portion will be picked up by the Chancellor’s Office. The bottom line is that this initiative will not cost Sonoma any additional money. Melinda Barnard reiterated that the time and toll CMS takes on our people are significant and needs to be remembered.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:02am

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

PBAC minutes 2000-2001
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