Minutes October 10, 2002







Bernie Goldstein brought the meeting to order at 8:10am. Rick Luttmann asked that updates on Salazar Hall security, land acquisition, and the proposed Presidents discretionary fund be provided. Schlereth introduced Janice Peterson as the replacement for Dennis Harris as the CRC representative. The agenda was passed unanimously with no objections heard.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: September 5, 2002

Schlereth asked that the word fantasy be replaced with optimistic in the section dealing with the Board of Trustees 2003-2004 proposed budget. He feels this is a better representation of his words. The minutes were approved unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the September 5, 2002 meeting.


(Please see the October 10, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth presented the proposed use of residual University-Wide year-end resources. This money was proposed at the last meeting to be used as a Presidents discretionary fund for funding of special programs. After objections from many of the faculty, the resources will now be used to fund the items on the presented list. An extra $10,000 will be allocated for Financial Aid to cover any adjusted awards. $50,000 will be allocated for additional security enhancements in Salazar Hall. Schlereth noted that this is his best estimate at this time and may change. $25,000 will be allocated for the replacement of Ives Hall doors. The final $81,350 will be allocated to the Provost for academic support. Some of this money will be used to fund additional field trip costs associated with the discontinuation of the use of 15-passenger vans. Luttmann moved to accept the proposal as presented. No objections were heard.

Schlereth informed Members that the land acquisition for the faculty and staff housing project is still in progress and some parcels have been identified as desirable. At this point, however, no land has been purchased.

2002-2003 BUDGET PLAN

(Please see the October 10, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth presented the 2002-2003 Budget Plan. $1,929,625 in new funds are coming to the campus. The new funds will be used to fully fund enrollment growth at 18.9 to 1 SFR, reductions in lottery funds and the general fund, and mandated costs. No new funds will be directed to support services such as ESAS, Customer Services, and Financial Aid. As the campus grows, the lack of funding to support services will strain the staff in those areas. Services may be impacted in those areas. $375,500 in one-time reductions to instructional equipment and library materials will be funded with excess lottery balances and IDC revenue in excess of budget earned in 2001-2002. $475,000 in one-time reductions to deferred maintenance and IT have not been identified and each budget is being analyzed. Schlereth noted that additional cuts may come after the election, however the governor may choose to wait until the next fiscal year to implement cuts. The budget situation is still very fluid.

Luttmann noted that the $43,800 per faculty position does not cover the starting salary of a new faculty position at this campus. Schlereth agrees, however the Department of Finance does not recognize this in the allocations to the campuses. The Department of Finance also expects salary savings to cover the gap.

Stuart Jones credits all those involved in this budget process for not laying off staff. He knows other states are laying-off many staff to cover reductions. Schlereth added that many other CSU campuses are currently planning for lay-offs as well. This campus has no plans to lay-off employees. Larry asked if Members had any objections to this plan. No objections were heard.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:05am

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

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