Reporting Transparency

Sonoma State University is committed to improving its public transparency and accountability by making information readily available to the public. This information includes objective and measurable financial and performance reviews, and contracts awarded to purchase goods and services.

Task Force for a Sustainable Financial Model Final Report

The Task Force on a Sustainable Financial Model was charged with proposing to the Chancellor a sustainable plan for the future with respect to budget allocation, revenue generation, enrollment management, and institutional financial aid policies. The following final report was submitted to the CSU Chancellor in May, 2016.

A Financial Model to Support the Future of The Californial State University



CSU Auxiliary Organization Compliance Guide

CSU Auxiliary Organization Sound Business Practice Guidelines v1

General Reports

Reports include:

  • Contracts sorted by vendor
  • Contracts sorted by date awarded
  • External Audit Reports
  • Consolidated and Campus Stand-Alone Financial Statements