Fall 2018 "The 1930s!"

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Set up
11:00 AM: Doors Open to Public
GMC Weill Hall

1 PM: Doors Close to Public



  1. 1930s: Literature and Race Relations in America (Video & Collage, Western Gallery)
  2. African American Identity through Cultural Expression from Slavery to 1930s (Video & Collage, Western Gallery)
  3. Indian Organization Act: A Blessing or a Curse?(Collage, Western Gallery)
  4. Propaganda: A Nation’s Best Weapon (Collage, Western Gallery)
  5. Propaganda in the 1930s(Video, Western Gallery)
  6. The Diversity of Dance in the 1930s (Video & Collage, Western Gallery)
  7. Two Spirit People ((Painting, Western Gallery)
  8. World Music in the 1930s (Video, Western Gallery)


  1. Not Your Grandma’s 30s (Art Exhibit, Eastern Gallery)


  1. Are We Remaking History in the Trump Era (Artistic Construction, Western Gallery)
  2. Latinas in Hollywood(Collage, Western Gallery)
  3. Latino Resistance in the 1930s(Poster, Western Gallery)
  4. Less Deportation and More Education(Performance Installation, Lobby)
  5. Mexican American Deportation in the 1930s vs. Present Day U.S. Immigration(Poster, Western Gallery)
  6. Mexican Repatriation of the 1930s from the Adolescent Prospective(Performance, Weill Stage)
  7. The 30s Through Josefina Niggli: A Trailblazer for Chicana/o Writers and Scholars (Poster, Western Gallery)
  8. The Depression That Inflicted Pain (Poster, Western Gallery)
  9. The Great Crash of the Immigrants During the Great Depression (Poster, Western Gallery)
  10. The Great Depression Through the Eyes of Latinos (Poster, Western Gallery)
  11. The Mexican Repatriation: The Motives& Racial Inequality in the 1930s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  12. Xenophobia Against Latinos in the United States: The 1930s vs. the 2010s (Poster, Western Gallery)


  1. 1930s Ads vs 2000s Ads (Poster, Western Gallery)
  2. 1930s Jazz Culture
  3. 1930s Jazz Culture (Website/Music Video, Western Gallery)
  4. 1930s Lifestyle (Presentation, Western Gallery)
  5. 1930s Speakeasy (Drawing, Western Gallery)
  6. American Love and the Boundary of Race: A Short Story (Short Story, Western Gallery)
  7. American Radio: Ep 1, The 1930s (Radio Program, Green Room)
  8. Best Female Vocalist of the 1930s (Poster & Video, Western Gallery)
  9. Escape into Photography of the 1930s (Collage, Western Gallery)
  10. Gender Roles of the 1930s (Posters, Western Gallery)
  11. Jazz Poetry (Poster & Video, Western Gallery)
  12. Joseph Thom on Ireland in the 1930s (Performance, Green Room)
  13. Knightly News (Newspaper, Western Gallery)
  14. Latino Culture, History and Pride (Painting, Western Gallery)
  15. Nazi Propaganda and the Power of Manipulation (Poster, Western Gallery)
  16. Old Fashioned or Basic? (Video, Western Gallery)
  17. Popular Culture and Nightlife Influences of the 30s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  18. Sexism in 1930s Media: A Women’s Role (Poster, Western Gallery)
  19. Sports: An Escape from Reality in the 1930s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  20. Superman During the 30s (Poster, Western Gallery)
  21. The Time Traveling Kat (Video, Green Room)
  22. The Year 1930: Beginning of Economic Collapse (Website, Western Gallery)
  23. Thumbs Up! (Poster, Western Gallery)


  1. 1930S Culture through Photography (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  2. American Photography of the 1930s: Human Employment (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  3. Baseball: Another Day in Paradise (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  4. Escapism through Film of the 1930s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  5. Exploring Nazi Propaganda through “Triumph of the Will”
  6. Instructional Manuals for Seizing Power: Dictatorship for Dummies and Insurgency for Idiots (Book, Lobby)
  7. Mexican Immigration Then and Now: History Repeats Itself (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  8. Prominent Women of the 1930s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  9. The Deeper Meanings Behind the Songs of Cabaret (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  10. The Life of Hidlegart Rodriguez (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  11. The Rhythm and Sound of Harlem (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  12. The Rock: A Brief History (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  13. U.S. Gender Roles of the 1930s (Book, Lobby)
  14. We’re Here to Stay: Latinos in the 1930s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  15. White Supremacists: The 1930s and Today (Digital Humanities, Lobby)


  1. Carmen Conde: A Poet’s Experience During the Spanish Civil War (Poster, Western Gallery)
  2. Guernica (Photo Album, Western Gallery)
  3. Guernica Soundtrack (Poster, Western Gallery)
  4. Our Lives in Guernica (Digital Display, Western Gallery)
  5. Pan’s Labyrinth and Red Virgin (Presentation, Green Room)
  6. Path to Safety (Board game, Western Gallery)
  7. Spain in the 1930s (Digital Display, Western Gallery)
  8. The Cinematic Wardrobe of Flamenco Dancer Carmen Amaya (Art Pieces, Staircase)
  9. The Ruins of the Errotabarri (Replica, Western Gallery)
  10. The Struggles of the Basque (Book, Western Gallery)
  11. Troubling Times of 1930s Spain (Photo Album, Western Gallery)
  12. Turn the Tunes to 1930s Spain (Audio Display, Western Gallery)
  13. Vision of the Marketplace (Art Piece, Western Gallery)
  14. The Story of the Forgotten (Digital Display, Western Gallery)
  15. Day in the Life of 1930s Spain (Yearbook, Western Gallery)


  1. Behind the Music (Poster, Lobby)
  2. Carter Family Legacy Lives on Through Today’s Music (Video, Lobby)
  3. Cooking with Tunes (Video, Lobby)
  4. Dance in the 1930s (Video, Lobby)
  5. Little Miss Miracle (Children’s Book, Lobby)
  6. Messing with Music (Performance, Weill Stage)
  7. Music Genres in the U.S. in the 1930s (Website,)
  8. Music is EnLIGHTening (Sculpture, Western Gallery)
  9. Music’s Effect on Film (Power Point/Video Presentation, Green Room)
  10. Seventeen (Artwork & Audio, Western Gallery)
  11. Shadow of Expression (Sculpture, Lobby)
  12. Speaking of Pictures: Groovin’ and Movin’ Through the 1930s (Photographic Spread, Lobby)
  13. Spirit of the Radio (Replica, Western Gallery)
  14. Strange Music (Poster, Lobby)
  15. The Surrealism of the Jitterbug (Painting, Lobby)
  16. Willkommen to the Symposium (Performance, Weill Stage)


  1. Native American Visions of the 1930s (Poster Installation, Western Gallery)


  1. Explorations into 1930s Masculinity (Interactive Installation, Lobby)
  2. Feminists Philosophers in the 1930s: Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein (Installation, Lobby)
  3. Modern Art Movements of the 1930s: Why Does Art Come from Pain? (Video Essay, Lobby)
  4. Nazi Degenerate Art & Propaganda (Interactive Installation, Lobby)
  5. Peru and Fascism in the 1930s (Installation, Lobby)
  6. Politics and Philosophy in the 1930s (Audacity Presentation, Lobby)
  7. Tattoos of the 1930s (Video, Lobby)
  8. The Aesthetics of Fascism in Nazi Germany (Podcast, Lobby)
  9. The Ontology of Fascism and Its Power (Podcast, Lobby)
  10. The Power of Propaganda (Video, Lobby)
  11. The Symbiotic Relationship of Feminism and Fascism (Podcast, Lobby)
  12. Uniforms as Pieces of Propaganda (Video, Lobby)
  13. What Enabled the Rise of Nazi Germany? A Philosophical Exploration (Interactive Installation, Lobby)
  14. Women in A Nazi Society (Movie Trailer, Lobby)


  1. Dancing Through the 1930s (Performance, Weill Hall)