Spring 2017 Archive


Spring 2017 "The '70s!"

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Set up
11:00 AM: Doors Open to Public
GMC Weill Hall

1 PM: Doors Close to Public


AMCS 273.1

  1. A Twist of Tate (PowerPoint, Lobby)
  2. All I’m Asking for is a Little Representation (Video, Lobby)
  3. All My Life I Had to Fight (Poster, Lobby)
  4. All We Need is Love (Original Poster & Painting, Lobby)
  5. Bite the Apple (Power Point/Movie, Lobby)
  6. Drug Abuse in the 1970’s (PowerPoint, Lobby)
  7. Feminism in the 1970’s (Poster, Lobby)
  8. Hip-hop Movement from 1970’s to Now (Video, Lobby)
  9. Imagine (Dance Performance, Weill Hall)
  10. LGBT Civil Rights Movement (Poster, Lobby)
  11. Messages through 1970’s Songs/Music (Video, Lobby)
  12. Minorities in Mainstream Feminism (Poster, Lobby)
  13. Origins of Chaos (Video, Lobby)
  14. The Right to Choose (Painting, Lobby)
  15. Title IX (Poster, Lobby)
  16. To Love or to Kill (Poster, Lobby)
  17. What’s Going On? (Audio, Lobby)
  18. Writings on the Wall: A Criminal Act Turned into Beauty (Interactive PowerPoint, Lobby)

AMCS 273.2

  1. 1970’s Visions of Native America (Group Poster Sessions, Gallery)

ARTH 273

  1. Say You Want a Revolution! 70s Countercultural Expressions (Exhibition, Eastern Gallery)

CALS 273

  1. Various Projects by CALS 273 Students (Gallery & Lobby)

COMS 273

  1. 1970’s Dance Styles (Video, Green Room)
  2. Actresses in the 1970’s (Interactive Video, Green Room)
  3. Deep Throat: The Man Who Brought Down a Presidency (Poster, Gallery)
  4. Earth Day: The Creation of a Movement (Poster, Gallery)
  5. Feminism in TV Sitcoms in the 1970’s (Poster, Gallery)
  6. Hair and Make-up in the 1970’s: A Tutorial (Video, Weill Hall)
  7. Harvey Milk: A Life (Documentary, Weill Hall)
  8. Music in the 1970’s that Influenced Hip-hop (Video, Gallery)
  9. Punk Rock Shocks America (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  10. Smoking in the 1970’s (Poster, Gallery)
  11. Social and Economic Disparities Between White and Black Women in the 1970’s (Board Game, Lobby)
  12. The Evolution of Basketball Shoes (Poster, Gallery)
  13. The Gender Wage Gap (Poster, Gallery)
  14. The Life of Katherine Graham (Documentary, Green Room)
  15. The Political and Cultural Divide Over the Vietnam War (Video, Gallery)
  16. Women’s Fashion in the 1970’s (Poster, Gallery)

ENGL 273

  1. Gay Rights Movement of the 1970’s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  2. Green Movement (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  3. New Hollywood Directors of the 1970’s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  4. Social Influences on 1970’s Music (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  5. The Dark Side of the Moon (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  6. The Foundations of Oppression: Civil Rights Development in the 1970’s (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  7. The Life of Harvey Milk (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  8. The Power of Music (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  9. Vietnam and Beyond (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  10. What Happened at Alcatraz (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  11. Women’s Struggles of the 70’s: A Fight for Equality (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  12. “Won’t Let My Freedom Rot in Hell”: The New Musical Resistance (Digital Humanities, Lobby)
  13. Worldwide Women’s Struggles (Digital Humanities, Lobby)

MLL 273

  1. Beirut: The Green Line (Art & Poster, Gallery)
  2. Changing Roles of Egyptian Women 1970s (Viewfinder, Gallery)
  3. Experiences of the1979 Iranian Revolution (Collage, Gallery)
  4. Fashion Before and After the 1970s (Art & Posters, Gallery)
  5. Iran’s Political Agenda of the New Regime (Paper Session, Gallery)
  6. Iranian Women Before and After the 1970s Revolution (Poster, Gallery)
  7. Palestinian and Lebanese Women in Entertainment (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  8. The Streets of Iran (Art, Lobby)
  9. Type of 1970s Activist (Interactive PowerPoint, Gallery)
  10. Women Before and After the Islamic Revolution (Collage & Posters, Gallery)
  11. Women’s Rights in Egypt (Poster, Galley)

MUS 273

  1. 1970s Dancing Babies (Video, Gallery)
  2. A Modern Touch on the 70s Beats (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  3. Blast from the Past (Flash Mob, Weill Hall)
  4. Evolution of Reggae (Paper Session, Green Room)
  5. Flipside Magazine (Fashion Magazine, Gallery)
  6. Musical Pop Art (Poster, Gallery)
  7. Remembering the ’70s (Piano, Weill Hall)
  8. Rockin and Rollin through the 70s (Audio & Posters, Gallery)
  9. The Crawl of the Seventies (Video, Gallery)
  10. The Sound of Nature (Book & Posters, Gallery)
  11. What’s Going on with the Love (Video, Gallery)
  12. What You Won’t Do for Love - Remix (PowerPoint, Gallery)

PHIL 273

  1. 70s Slang and Identity (Canvas, Staircase)
  2. AC/DC: The Best of Two Singers and the Start of a New Rock Era (PowerPoint, Green Room)
  3. Freedom is Still under the Covers (Art Piece, Staircase)
  4. Fun with Drugs (Art Piece, Staircase)
  5. Houston We Have a Problem (Poster, Gallery)
  6. Music and Tech: DJing through the Ages (PowerPoint & Performance, Green Room)
  7. Original Gate (Poster, Gallery)
  8. Preserve and Conserve (Street Theater, Lobby)
  9. Shaggy Carpets and Wood Paneling (Miniature Model, Galley)
  10. Spiraling into the 70s (Poster, Gallery)
  11. Sports, Drugs and Music: 1970s (Board Game, Lobby)
  12. Sports Legacies of the1970s: A 30 for 30 Film (Documentary, Gallery)
  13. Stories under the Shadow (Book, Gallery)
  14. The Christian Right’s Train of Thought (Poster, Gallery)
  15. The Golden Age of Muscle Cars (Poster, Gallery)
  16. The Never-Ending Controversy (Poster, Gallery)
  17. The Watergate Scandal (Poster, Gallery)
  18. Transgender Voices in the 1970s (Poster, Gallery)

THAR 273

  1. Dancing through the Seventies (Performance, Weill Hall)