Spring 2015 Photo Gallery "1848!"

Gallery Entrance The installation ENGL 273 students explaining their work to an attendee Attendees having a good time What is gothic?


A presentation After the performance In sillouetteTHAR 273 students showing off 1848 French fashion General view of Weill gallery General view of Weill lobby THAR 273 students performing their play, <em>The Moment I Met Her</em>,  in Weill Hall Another librarian engrossed in conversation with ENGL 273 students Students waiting for their turn to perform in the Green Room Student lost in contemplation of a ceramic piece created by an ART 273 student General view of Weill lobby with ART 273 photography exhibition in the center ART 273 students surrounding their reproduction of Thoreau's cabin Professor Roberts talking to students Visitor in contemplation of AMCS 273.2 display