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The administrative office for the AMCS, CALS, NAMS, and Film Studies programs has temporarily relocated to the third floor. If you need assistance with:

  • Locating Faculty/Advisors
  • Fall 2019 Schedule/Registration
  • General Help

Please go one floor up to NH 362 and ask for Linnea Mullins, Administrative Support Coordinator for AMCS/NAMS/CALS. You can also send me an email: linnea.mullins@sonoma.edu or phone: 664-2486.

Note: The Faculty offices are still on the 2nd floor. Only the office has been relocated to the 3rd floor. Thanks for your patience.

Welcome to the American Multicultural Studies (AMCS) Department at Sonoma State University.

The interdisciplinary American Multicultural Studies Department is dedicated to providing students with critical thinking and leadership skills that will help them navigate the multicultural and multiracial American landscape. AMCS offers a major and minor in American Multicultural Studies. We also offer a concentration in Africana Studies, as well as pathways in Comparative Ethnic Studies, Hemispheric Studies, Critical Race, Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Literature and the Arts, Multicultural Education, Film Studies, and Native American Studies.  Our flexible program allows students to tailor their major requirements to their particular interests.

The AMCS degree is versatile, as evidenced by our graduates who are now practicing lawyers, college professors, social workers, educators, student affairs professionals, academic counselors, nonprofit administrators, arts administrators, and social entrepreneurs.

AMCS houses the peer-reviewed Journal of Civil and Human Rights, published by the University of Illinois Press, and hosts the Africana Lecture Series.

Come and explore the AMCS Program. Visit us in Nichols 214, call us at 664-2486, or email our faculty: Christina.Baker@sonoma.edu, Ezra@sonoma.edu.


Dr. Strobel - click to zoom.

Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for everything, Dr. Strobel!

Cedric at Commencement - click to zoom.

Congratulations on your amazing commencement speech, Cedric!