Erica Tom

Lecturer of American Multicultural Studies
Ph.D. in American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark

Erica is a lecturer in the Departments of American Multicultural Studies and Native American Studies, and the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies at Sonoma State University.

Erica earned her Ph.D. in American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark. She earned her B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Classical Studies from the University of Washington in 2007, and her M.A. in English Literature from Sonoma State University in 2012. A life-long learner, she participates regularly in trauma-informed care trainings, and has advanced training in Mind-Body Medicine.

Erica is an interdisciplinary scholar, situating her work at the intersections of American Studies, Animal Studies, and Ethnic Studies. Her current research centers on natural disasters, interspecies relationships, and the interconnectedness of racial justice, environmental justice, and animal rights. Her doctoral research focused on the significance of horse-human relationships within prison programs and mounted police. As a multi-species ethnographer, Erica experiments in somatic practices with non-human animals.

Her courses include AMCS 225 "How Racism Works: America in Black and White," AMCS 165 "Street Stories: Gender, Race, and Place," AMCS 125 "Multicultural Communication: Listening, Speaking, and Presenting," Libs 302 "Art in the Anthropocene: Trauma, Healing, Humans, and Other Animals," and Libs 202 "Challenge and Response in the Modern World."