Our Alumni

As of 2013 the CRM Program had graduated 130 Master’s students over more than 30 years. Our graduates work the length and breadth of the state of California; across the United States, from Oregon to Florida to Massachusetts; and even halfway around the world, in Australia. In terms of job titles, four are owners or principals in their own firms. Five have job titles that include the words “planner” or “manager”. Five have titles that include the word “director”, “chief”, “senior” or otherwise indicate that these individuals lead their unit of research for their office. Many CRM graduates are archaeologists with various advanced specializations, from historical archaeology to geoarchaeology. They are also curators, project analysts, National Historic Preservation Act specialists, oral historians, research technicians, Information Center coordinators, tribal liaisons, and university lecturers. These data graphically illustrate the growing breadth of the field of CRM, and at least to some extent, the success of the SSU program in preparing its graduates for that field. These people, as individuals, also provide a tremendous resource for current and future program students. Program alumni working for the state and federal governments have sponsored student internships in their respective agencies and have served as outside thesis committee members. Collectively, they also provide an invaluable network of professional connections across the entire spectrum of CRM work in California and beyond.

Based on a 2014 online survey of alumni, 80% of respondents work in CRM or a related field.  Of these respondents, nearly 60% work for a public agency, while 40% work for a private sector consulting firm. See below for a sample of current employers for CRM alumni:

Employer type

Sample of employers

Private sector CRM firms

Far Western Anthropological Research Group, LSA Associates, Pacific Legacy, URS Corporation, Aspen Environmental Group, Alta Archaeological Consulting

Local agencies

Sonoma County Transportation Authority           

California state agencies

Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection, Dept. of Transportation, Office of Historical Preservation, Dept. of Parks and Recreation

Federal government agencies

USDA Forest Service, National Park Service (Dry Tortugas, Point Reyes Natl. Seashore, Yosemite National Park, Lowell National Historical Park), U.S. Navy, Port Arthur Historic Site Mgmt. Authority (Australia)


Sonoma State ASC and NWIC, CSU Monterey Bay, Southern Oregon University


Southern California Edison Co., Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


California Academy of Sciences, Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society