Anthropology consists of four (some would say five) subfields:

  • Archaeology examines our past ways of life through the interpretation of material culture, organic remains, written records, and oral traditions.
  • Biological Anthropology deals with the evolution of the human body, mind and behavior as inferred through study of fossils and comparisons with behavior and anatomy of other primate species.
  • Cultural Anthropology explores the diversity of existing human ways of life, how they work, how they change, and how they interrelate in the modern world.
  • Linguistic Anthropology examines the structure and diversity of language and related human communication systems.
  • In addition to the four traditional subfields, some have suggested that Applied Anthropology constitutes a distinct subfield. Applied Anthropology emphasizes how the theories, techniques and methods of anthropology can be employed to facilitate stability or change and solve problems in real world situations.

Photo montage of anthropology research.