Faculty Office Hours

Stop by an advisor’s office for drop-in advising during the regular semester (except finals week) or email a professor to make an appointment.

Professors are generally unavailable during summer and winter breaks.

Advisors can answer questions about the major/minor, changing majors, or career/graduation preparation.

Faculty Information
Name Email Office Location Phone Spring Office Hours
Boutin, Alexis
Advisor / Department Chair
alexis.boutin@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2054D 707-664-2729  
Etting, Stephanie etting@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070J 707-664-3950  
Foiles-Sifuentes, Andriana
foilessi@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070A 707-664-2462 On Leave 2018-2019
Jaffe, Karin Enstam
karin.jaffe@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2054A 707-664-2944
by appointment only:
Morrison, Amanda amanda.morrison@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070J 707-664-3950  
Purser, Margaret
margaret.purser@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2054E 707-664-3164  
Reti, Jay reti@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070J 707-664-3950  
Senghas, Richard
richard.senghas@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2054C 707-664-2307  
Torres, Carlos carlos.torres@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070J 707-664-3950  
Watt, Laura
CRM Coordinator
laura.watt@sonoma.edu Stevenson 3016C 707-664-2722  
Whitley, Thomas
whitley@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2054G 707-664-2547  
Wingard, John
john.wingard@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070A 707-664-2462