Faculty and Staff

Each of your instructors is an accomplished professional in his/her field. We have a permanent core of faculty which is augmented by part time instructors. We are here to inspire and direct your education. Take advantage of our expertise and excitement about our own learning. A faculty member will be assigned as your advisor, but you may change advisors by having a new advisor within the department notify the Administrative Coordinator and noting it on the jacket of your advisee folder. Faculty members are available to you during regularly scheduled office hours, often before and after class, and by appointment. It is extremely important that you initiate contact with your advisor early in your first semester here and on a regular basis thereafter. In some cases, specific faculty members are able to offer specialized advising for General Education or Major Requirements. Their expertise will be noted in their biographical statements. In all cases, the Art Studio or Art History coordinators should be consulted for questions of interpretation or substitution of course work from other institutions. The Department Chair is responsible for final approval of all substitutions and graduation requirement petitions for the major.

Department Chair - Professor Gregory Roberts
Art 104 - (707) 664-3042

Administrative Analyst – Cindy Menghini
Art 128 – (707)-664-3049

Fulltime Faculty/Advisors
Name Position Room Phone
Shannon Benine Assistant Professor - Art Studio - Photography Art 112 (707) 664-3046
Letha Ch'ien Assistant Professor - Art History Art 105 (707-664-3040
Nathan Haenlein Professor - Art Studio - Printmaking Art 138 (707) 664-3205
Kurt Kemp Professor - Art Studio - Printmaking Art 140 (707) 664-4439
Jann Nunn Professor - Sculpture Art 124 (707) 664-3043
Jennifer Roberson Associate Professor - Art History Art 103 (707) 664-2658
Gregory Roberts Professor - Ceramics/Clay Sculpture, Chair Art 128a (707) 664-3042
Michael Schwager Gallery Director and Professor - Art History Art 106 (707) 664-2720
Jennifer Shaw Professor - Art History Art 104 (707) 664-3041
Clea Felien Visiting Professor-Art Studio Art 133 (707) 664-3045
Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Room Phone
Emily Adams Art Studio Art 134  
Jeremiah Barber Art Studio    
Jennifer Bethke Art History Art 110
Jenny Harp Art Studio Art 134
Amy Dierkes Art History Art 110
Cathy Lu Art Studio Art 134
Kate Oltmann Art Studio Art 139
Sasha Petrenko Art Studio  
Billie Stultz Art Studio Art 111
Administration / Staff
Name Position Room Phone
Wesley Carr Instructional Technician II Art 131  
Aimee Graham Instrucional Technician III Art 123  
Cindy Menghini Administrative Analyst Art 128 (707) 664-3049
Billie Stultz Digital Technician Art 111  
Carla Stone University Art Gallery Coordinator Art 101A (707) 664-2295
Faculty Emeritus
Name Position Contact
Stephen Galloway Professor Emeritus- Art Studio - Photography http://www.stephengalloway.com/
William Guynn Professor Emeritus of Art (Cinema) wsguynn@gmail.com
Susan Moulton Professor Emerita of Art History  
Mark Perlman Professor Emeritus- Art Studio Painting