Susan McKillop

Professor Emerita of Art History

Office and Phone

Education and Training

  • A.B. (with distinction) University of Missouri 1951 Fine Arts (Renaissance Art History)
  • B.J. University of Missouri 1951 Journalism
  • M.A. UC, Berkeley 1953 Studio Art
  • Ph.D. Harvard University 1959 Fine Arts (Renaissance Art History)

Courses Taught at SSU

  • ArtH 210 Introduction to Art History (Pre-Classical to Renaissance)
  • ArtH 440 Early Italian Renaissance
  • ArtH 480 Selected Topics in Art History (Seminar)
  • ArtH 490H Pro-Seminar in Art History Methods
  • ArtH 491H Senior Thesis
  • ArtH 492 Senior Honors Thesis
  • ArtH 495 Special Studies