Bachelor of Arts in Art History
Emphasis in Film History

Many of the courses required for the degree have prerequisites. Consult course descriptions for details.

Degree Requirements
Type of Course Units
General education 51
Major core requirements 43
General electives 26
Total units needed for graduation 120


Requirements for the Major


Foundation Courses
Course Description Units
ArtS 101
Arts 208
Fundamentals: Two-dimmensional OR
Basic Black and White Photography
ArtH 210 Introduction to Art Hisotry
(Pre-classical to Renaissance)
ArtH 211 Introduction to Art History
(Renaissance to Modern)
ArtH 212A World Film History
(1894 to WWII)
ArtH 212B World Film History
(WWII to Contemporary)
  Total lower-division units 15


Core Courses
Course Description Units
ArtH 361 Classic Narrative Film 3
ArtH 363 Other Cinemas
(3-unit course, taken twice)
ArtH 456 The History of Photography 3
ArtH 461 Selected Topics
(3-unit course, taken twice)
  Total core units 18


Choose six units from the following courses:

Literature and Film
Course Description
ENGL 329/429 Screen/Script Writing
ENGL 377 Film and Literature
FREN 415 Selected Topics: French Film
Critical Perspectives
Course Description
COMS 202/402 Media Criticism
LIBS 356 Film and Politics
PHIL 368 Philosophy and Film
SOCI 434 Cinema and Society

Multicultural Perspectives
Course Descritpion
AMCS 392 Ethnic Images in Film and Media
CALS 393 Chicano/ Latino Cinema
COMS 201 Story Telling Via Video
NAMS 338 Native Americans and the Cinema Film and Other Media
COMS 325 Video Workshop
Total elective units: 6
Senior Project
Section Course Descritpion Units
A. ArtH 490F Theory and Methods
B. ArtH 491F Senior Thesis in Film
    Total units

All students must complete a senior project with a total of 4 units

Total units needed for the major = 43

Course Rotation: Film History


Foundation Courses
Course Rotation
ArtH 212A World Film History to WWII At least one course per year in alternation.
ArtH 212B World Film History Since WWII
Core Courses
Course Rotation
ArtH 361 Classic Narrative Film Every other year
ArtH 363 Other Cinemas One time per year
ArtH 461 Selected Topics in Film One time per year
ArtH 490F Theory and Methods Spring semesters
ArtH 491F Senior Thesis Spring semesters