September 10 - October 18, 2009
University Art Gallery, Sonoma State University

The exhibition Used includes five California artists - four from the Bay Area and one from Los Angeles (Jedediah Caesar, Christine Lee, Kristina Lewis, Scott MacLeod, and Scott Oliver) - whose work, while unique from one another, shares an affinity for incorporating nontraditional materials that have been, could be, but certainly were intended to be used for purposes other than making a work of art. And, unlike Duchamp's urinal or Jeff Koons floating basketballs, the artists in Used seem to derive a palpable pleasure in the process of transforming and manipulating by hand those materials that were often originally produced by machine.

Jedediah Caesar

Untitled, 2008
urethane resis, pigment, collected materials

Scott Oliver
Untitled (Mystic Rose), 2007
found bag, burlap, oak

Scott MacLeod

Target 2004.18-B , 2004
Unwound/rewound paper dartboard; 7.5" diameter