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A Brief Look Back with An Eye to the Future

Adrian’s Retirement Announcement

"With my impending retirement, I am happy to announce that Dr. Tom Whitley has accepted the position of Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Anthropological Studies Center. He will start his new job in August.

Welcome, Tom! You will like it here. . . .

Want to organize a retirement celebration for me?

Do me a favor . . . and don't. Sorry if this sounds grumpy, but I really, really _don't _ want a retirement party or any other recognition (really). My ideal last day as a faculty human is simply to do my job, pack up my closet/office, and leave. That would feel good. But on the off-chance that anyone would want to organize such an event, thanks for the kind thought but consider supporting students instead through the Anthropological Studies Center Endowment. Thank you."
– Adrian –

Anthropological Studies Center Endowment

Adrian loved his work and students. The endowment helps students, faculty, and staff in perpetuity through scholarships and research grants.

For more information about the fund and how to donate, please visit the ASC Endowment page.