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Faunal Lab

ASC offers experience and skill in sorting, identification, and analysis of faunal and human skeletal material from both historic and prehistoric archaeological sites. This work includes mammalian, avian, and fish remains. Bone pathologies, butchering practices, and taphonomy are a few of the subjects that are studied.

ASC staff members are skilled in faunal bone analysis. ASC maintains and constantly expands a comparative collection of native and domestic fauna. Our Collections Facility houses several large, studied, faunal collections. ASC staff also makes use of the extensive skeletal collections of the California Academy of Sciences Department of Ornithology and Mammology, and the Department of Ichthyology in San Francisco.

Food boneASC staff have extensive experience in specific faunal material and dietary practices such as those commonly found on urban and rural, 19th-and early 20th-century Euro-American, Californio, Basque, and Russian sites. In addition, ASC has particular skill in the identification of faunal material associated with ethnic Chinese archaeological deposits.

Faunal Data from three ASC projects in the San Francisco Bay Area provide examples of the detailed information required in bone analysis.

Cypress Faunal Data

West Approach Faunal Data

SF-80 Bayshore Faunal Data

ASC has had extensive experience in the excavation of prehistoric and historic-period human remains. Our staff is experienced in the identification and analysis of human skeletal material, including the identification of bone pathologies.

ASC’s NAGPRA program carries out consultations on behalf of clients such as the California Department of Parks and Recreation, and our staff is experienced in the sensitive treatment of issues relating to the handling, repatriation, and reburial of human remains.

Recent Projects

For more information on recent Faunal Lab projects please review this exerpt from the 2013–2014 Annual Report (170 KB PDF)