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Flotation Services

ASC is equipped and experienced to offer flotation services using a Model A Flote-Tech flotation machine, which can quickly and easily processes a large number of soil or sediments samples.

Our services include flotation, sorting, and preparation for identification. Samples of almost any size or type can be processed for the purpose of archaeobotanical studies, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, and determining the presence or absence of extremely small archaeological materials. Our personnel have used the machine to process hundreds of flotation samples from both prehistoric and historic archaeological deposits.

This method is also an efficient and cost effective alternative to the “hand-picking” of charcoal samples for radiocarbon dating. ASC is experienced with the handling and preparation of charcoal samples for radiocarbon dating, and can convey the processed samples directly to the radiocarbon laboratory of choice.

The Flote-Tech machine recovers material down to 2mm size, allowing for the 100% recovery of microartifactual remains such as bone, flaked stone and shell. It operates on continuous flow rather than recycled water, minimizing the chance of sample contamination. In addition, it is equipped with a pump and is available for use directly on site.