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Putting the "There" There:
Historical Archaeologies of West Oakland

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Appendixes & Block Technical Reports

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Appendix A: Cypress Archaeology Project Timeline

Download AppendixA.pdf (60.5 KB)

  • A timeline noting events and progress on the Cypress Archaeological Project from April 1994 through the present.







Appendix B: Cypress Archaeology Project Bibliography

Download AppendixB.pdf (157 KB)

  • References used in this report








Appendix C: Feature Associations by Block

Birdseye map of Oakland, 1870

Download AppendixC.pdf (2.50 MB)

  • For each block and address investigated, this appendix contains the Sanborn maps, feature number (which keys into the Feature Snapshots), deposition date, family or household name, and their nativity and the occupation of the head of the household.











Appendix D: Feature Snapshots

Cypress Artifacts

Download AppendixD.pdf (2.55 MB)

  • 69 “Snapshots” that summarize the information on each refuse-filled archaeological feature










Appendix E: Day to Day on the Cypress Project

Cypress crew

Download AppendixE.pdf (1.29 MB)

  • This fascinating appendix has excerpts from Jack Mc Ilroy's site log, illustrating what the glamorous, day-to-day life of an archaeologist is really like...










Appendix F: Statistical Analysis of Summary Faunal Data

Download AppendixF.pdf (172 KB)

  • Surprisingly, the occupation categories did not have as clear or consistent an effect as expected on meat species or cost. Wealthy professionals did consume relatively more high-cost cuts and fewer medium-cost cuts than did some others...










Appendix G: Statistical Analysis of Bottle Data, by General Categories


Download AppendixG.pdf (201 KB)

  • Unskilled workers left a lower proportion of whole bottles in their glass refuse recovered on the Cypress Archaeological Project than did people of other professions






Block Technical Reports on CD-ROM

(For availability, contact the
Anthropological Studies Center)
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  • BTRs occupy the territory between artifact catalog and interpretation. Most important archaeological remains from the Cypress project were in the form of refuse-filled pits, privies, and wells. For each street address we investigated, the cooresponding BTR contains the history of occupation, historical association of each collection of artifacts, and the artifact data in table form. Each feature also has a useful one page summary that makes it very easy to compare/contrast collections.



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