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Dave, 1982

David A. Fredrickson

(1927 – 2012)

Remembering Dave . . .


Michael Moratto wrote recently: “Dave was surely one of the finest human beings ever to grace the realm of California archaeology.” We second wholeheartedly, but would drop the qualifier “archaeology.” Dave touched the lives of people in many realms of California life. As Michael Stephens wrote in the Press Democrat: “Like everyone else my age, I've known thousands of people over the years. Dave and Vera Mae Fredrickson occupied two spots in my all-time Top Ten Great Human Beings. . . .”

We invite all of these friends, family, and fictive kin to submit a memory or two for posting on this page.

Mary Praetzellis, ASC:
“I’ve always imagined that Dave and Vera-Mae Fredrickson would host my memorial in their home on Parker Street in Berkeley. . . .”
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Jean Moss, Berkeley:
“I first met Dave in the 50’s when living in Saranap, now part of Walnut Creek. A neighbor’s teenaged daughter mentioned babysitting for a very odd couple; she wore no makeup, he ‘had hair on his face’. . . .”
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Joel Hagen, Oakdale:
“That is sad news. It is so interesting to me how news of a person's death can trigger such sweet and crystal clear memories. . . .”
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Lynn Deetz, El Cerrito:
“I came to Sonoma State in the mid 70’s to study archaeology based on the recommendation of . . . Richard Cowan. . . . Richard said Dave was a wonderful teacher. . . .”
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Tony Apolloni, Sonoma State University:
“While I did not know Dave very well, I had great respect for him. . . .”
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Roger Werner, Stockton:
I walked onto the Sonoma State College campus the second week of January 1976. . . .”
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Sunshine Psota, Sebastopol:
“With all Dave did between archaeology, music, and having a family, it is amazing that he still had the creative juices to quilt. . . .”
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Seana Gause, Sonoma County Transportation Authority:
“For me, there is almost no distinction between the musical Dave and the archaeological Dave. They are one in the same. . . .”
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Ben Elliot, Staff Archaeologist, URS Corporation:
“I’ll never forget witnessing a small moment between Dave and Vera Mae at an SCA conference in the early 2000s. . . .”
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Polly Quick, ICF International:
“I don’t know who first got me to their [Dave and Vera-Mae’s] house—I came as an interloper from Harvard, who was talked into a California archaeology PhD thesis by Tom Jackson and Mike Moratto. . . .”
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Robert Orlins, Woodland:
“I’ve recently been asked about when I met Dave and Vera Mae and if I knew any of the circumstances that led to Dave's return to archaeology. . . .”
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Sandra Hollimon, Santa Rosa Junior College:
“I had the privilege of living at 1940 Parker Street with Dave and Vera-Mae in 1991. I realize now that having a key to this house was like having a key to the wonderful world and wonderful people in California archaeology. . . .”
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Marley Brown, College of William and Mary, Virginia:
“There are so many contexts that one could chose in which to remember Dave Frederickson – the classroom, the field, the Parker Street party, the music in a hotel room at an SCA meeting.  I’ve chosen the front passenger seat of his old GMC van. . . .”
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E. Breck Parkman, Senior Archaeologist, California State Parks:
“I was just sitting here in the late night, thinking about how I met Dave Fredrickson, and it caused me to laugh out loud. . . .”
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