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Dave, 1973

David A. Fredrickson

(1927 – 2012)


Joel Hagen, of Oakdale shared this memory:

    That is sad news. It is so interesting to me how news of a person's death can trigger such sweet and crystal clear memories. I am suddenly 14, back in the Costanoan dirt along the creek bank in Danville marking “CCO-30” on a plastic bag of obsidian flakes under Dave's watchful eye. I am in our dining room on Danvilla Court as one by one Dave's interesting crew emerges fresh from our shower to one of Mom’s grand feasts and conversations.

    I am back in that same creekside dirt after Dave’s team leaves . . . hunting with 14 year old focus . . . I still have the 3 small dinged-up obsidian points I found. Precious swag and talismans to some other world and time. And now, talismans to that world and time and that wonderful quiet character . . .