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Dave Fredrickson

David A. Fredrickson

(1927 – 2012)


Sunshine Psota of Sebatopol shared this memory:

    With all Dave did between archaeology, music, and having a family, it is amazing that he still had the creative juices to quilt. When Dave learned to quilt at five while recovering for tuberculosis, he was taught skills that would be useful and applied throughout the rest of his life. In quilting, the first step is to find fabric and start cutting it into sizes for the quilt face. Since the fabric was likely leftover fabric, old clothes, and whatever, you really have to make sure you have enough of each size and color to plan accordingly. So you stack them by size and then color (usually light to dark, and often by color within these categories). You have to be organized. Since he learned these skills while young, it enabled him to look at the world a little differently: to create patterns from what he saw whether it was projectile points or organizing his French fries before he ate them.

Quilt square by D. A. Fredrickson

    Dave and I had talked about his quilting while he created the log cabin denim quilt. It was easy for him to find the faded colored cloth from various parts of jeans that he and his family had well worn. But the problem arose when he needed to find darker colors to create a contrast that really sets off the quilt. When someone at the ASC lost a lot of weight, he gave Dave the old, large sized jeans that were darker. Dave's first response was that the jeans were still wearable. I remember how amusing it was that he needed to be convinced that it was okay to cut up these jeans. And we are glad he did.