Golden Eagle Report PDFs

Table of Contents 1 MB
Preface, Acknowledgments, and Table of Contents

Part One: Archaeology of the Golden Eagle Site

History of the Golden Eagle Hotel 4.25 MB
by Edith E. Pitti: History of the Golden Eagle Hotel, 1851–1874; Social Context; Golden Eagle Oyster Saloon; Barbers, Bootmakers, and Manufacturers.

Urban Archaeology and the Regulatory Context 1 MB
by Marley R. Brown III: An Historical Overview; Problems and Prospects; The Golden Eagle Site.

Urban Renewal and the Golden Eagle Site 0.6 MB
by Lynn Eisenman: History of Sacramento Development; Golden Eagle Demolition; Conclusions.

Archaeological Investigations 3.5 MB
by Adrian Praetzellis: Project History and Sequence of Field Investigation; Investigation Methods; Site Content and Structure.

Implications 2.2 MB
by Adrian Praetzellis, Mary Praetzellis, and Marley R. Brown III:
Urban Site-Formation Processes; General Research Strategy; Artifacts; Discussions; Recommendations for Future Research in Sacramento

Part Two: Archaeological Materials from the Golden Eagle Site

Introduction 0.4 MB

Bird Remains 0.8 MB
by Dwight D. Simons: Results; Market Hunting and the Domestic Poultry Industry, 1849–1920; Social Status and Poultry Utilization, Ethnicity and Poultry Utilization.

Fish Remains 1.1 MB
by Peter D. Schulz: Results; Chronology, Seasonality, and Economic Status.

Mammalian Remains 1 MB
by Sherri Gust with Peter D. Schulz: Results; Hotel Banquet Menus.

Shellfish Remains 0.9 MB
by Karen J. Davis: Results; Clam, Mussel, Oyster; Chronology; Social Context; Oyster Industry; Clam and Mussel Industry.

Parasites 0.3 MB
by H. J. Hall: Results from two soil samples.

Buttons 1.1 MB
by Neysa Carpenter: Bone, Ceramic, Metal, and Shell; Methods of Classification.

Ceramics 3.6 MB
by Mary Praetzellis: Type Descriptions; Discussion by Feature; Intrasite and Intersite Comparison.

Ceramic Wear Pattern Analysis 0.5 MB
by Neysa Carpenter: Methods and Results

Fabric 0.3 MB
by Howard L. Needles: Results from five fabric samples

Glassware 2.7 MB
by Jane Russell Armstrong: Type Description, Condiment, Medicines, Perfume and Toiletries, Whiskey and Spirits, Wine and Champagne, Soda Water, and Beer and Ale; Discussion by Feature.

Leather 1.4 MB
by Kathleen Stanton: History of the Footwear Industry; Fastening Forms; Artifacts; Shoemaking Terms.

Metal 1.8 MB
by James M. Roscoe: Artifact Description and Discussion; Metal Conservation.

Clay Tobacco Pipes 1.2 MB
by C. Michael Elling: History, Interpretive Value; Type Descriptions; Discussion by Feature.

Bricks 0.4 MB
by Neysa Carpenter: Brief discussion of the bricks found at the Golden Eagle Site with some historical context.

Window Glass 0.8 MB
by Kathleen Williams: Methods, Results, and Discussion.

Miscellaneous Materials 0.5 MB
by Mary Praetzellis: Trade Beads, Bone Artifacts, etc.

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