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San Francisco Neighborhood

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Contacts/Technical Report

Contact Information:

Thad M. Van Bueren
Senior Environmental Planner
(510) 286-6230

Janet Pape
Senior Environmental Planner
(415) 356-6611

The Technical Report "SF-80 Bayshore Viaduct Seismic Retrofit Projects Report on Construction Monitoring, Geoarchaeology, and Technical and Interpretive Studies for Historical Archaeology" will be available to the public in late July, 2004. The costs will be $38. for a hard copy (paper) and $5. for a CD-ROM, tax and shipping included.

To order a copy of the technical report, contact the Caltrans Publications Unit at:

California Department of Transportation
Publication Distribution Unit
1900 Royal Oaks Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815-3800

ph. (916) 323-5606 or (916) 445-3520
fax (916) 324-8997





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