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We developed our relational database SHARD to provide a consistent and (mostly) idiot-proof system to catalog artifacts from mid-19th to early-20th-century archaeological sites and create data tables that facilitate intra- and inter-site comparisons.

While the ASC has been excavating urban sites since the 1970s, the impetus to create SHARD and its predecessors came from a series of hugely productive archaeological projects in the 1990s and early 2000s sponsored by the California Department of Transportation. These massive San Francisco Bay Area undertakings required a whole new way of recording and tabulating the nearly 1,000,000 individual items recovered from the excavations.

Bootleg versions of ASC's heretofore unnamed cataloging system have been circulating on the archaeological underground for several years. It has taken quite some time and a whole lot of volunteer effort to get to the point of releasing this definitive edition of SHARD to the community.

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SHARD is built on MS Office Access 2003, so you’ll need that program to run it. Everyone is free to use, reproduce, and adapt SHARD as best suits his or her needs. Please give proper credit when you use SHARD and when you cite or reproduce portions of the How-to Manual.

SHARD was created by archaeologists Erica Gibson and Mary Praetzellis; Bryan Much helped with database design in Access. The Manual was written by Erica Gibson.

Adrian Praetzellis
February 2009