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Download SHARD (Sonoma Historic Artifact Research Database)

To use SHARD, download (3 MB), which contains all the files you need; or you may download each of the four files individually below:

SHARD The How-to Manual (1.5 MB PDF)
Like it says, this is the Manual. Read it first.

SHARD The Database (4.87 MB MDB)
The database program itself

SHARD Coding System by Description (118 KB PDF)
Common artifact categories by description

SHARD Coding System by Group (81 KB)
Common artifact categories by group

SHARD is built on MS Office Access 2003, so you’ll need that program to run it. Everyone is free to use, reproduce, and adapt SHARD as best suits his or her needs. Please give proper credit when you use SHARD and when you cite or reproduce portions of the How-to Manual.

SHARD was created by archaeologists Erica Gibson and Mary Praetzellis; Bryan Much helped with database design in Access. The Manual was written by Erica Gibson.