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Archaeological Artifact Collection Research

food bones Sponsorship Levels: Various, starting at $1000. Six to 12 months, depending on project and funding.

Student Level: Graduate student. May enroll for ANTH 599 (Thesis units).

What They Will Do: Students will work with artifacts excavated from archaeological sites to uncover the ancient and not so ancient history of California. Sites range from prehistoric Native American settlements to historic era Chinese camps, and many others. Students will create a technical report and either a publishable article or a paper to be presented at a professional conference. Overseen by D. A. Fredrickson Archaeological Collections Facility staff and SSU anthropology Professor Adrian Praetzellis.

Student Benefit: Students learn how to analyze archaeological collections and create professional level research documents by working closely with practicing archaeologists. The project may be the basis of an MA thesis.

Scientific/Social Benefit: The project will use untapped resources at the D.A. Fredrickson Archaeological Collections Facility to discover and report on aspects of California’s historic or Native American past. The Facility contains artifacts from over 2000 archaeological sites that represent over 10,000 years of human occupation. Many have never been scientifically examined.

How Your Money Will Be Used: Potential uses include Student Assistant and staff wages, technical analyses (c14, obsidian hydration, etc.), which may supplemented by a D.A. Fredrickson Research Grant. Projects are offered as funds become available.

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