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Archaeological Artifact Curation Internship

Labelling artifacts Cost of Internship: $2,500

Sponsorship Levels: $100 and up

Student Level: Seniors and graduate students. Students enroll in ANTH 496 or 596.

What They Will Do: Students work with archaeological artifacts at the D.A. Fredrickson Archaeological Collections Facility to upgrade their condition by creating descriptive catalogs, retagging and repackaging the objects, and preparing them for analysis. The Facility contains artifacts from over 2,000 archaeological sites that represent over 10,000 years of human occupation. Overseen by Facility staff and SSU anthropology Professor Adrian Praetzellis.

Student Benefit: Students learn professional curation procedures including how to identify and describe archaeological artifacts, how to create and use databases, and how to create professional quality documentation.

Scientific/Social Benefit: Many collections in the Facility have not been scientifically analyzed because they are not inventoried to modern standards in a searchable database. These catalogs will become part of the Facility’s master database and will be made available to scholars and students who are studying California’s past.

How Your Money Will Be Used: Potential uses include Student Assistant and staff wages, and curation supplies such as archivally stable containers. Internship is taught as funds are available.

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