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Field Archaeology Internship

Student interns Cost of Internship: $5500

Sponsorship Levels: $100 and up

Student Level: Undergraduates and graduate students. Students enroll in ANTH 496 or 596.

What They Will Do: Led by an ASC staff archaeologist, students visit and document archaeological sites in Marin and Sonoma counties using State forms (DPR 523). Sites range from ancient Native American villages to homesteads from the mid-19th century. Sometimes these visits are accompanied by local Native Americans who explain their perspective on their ancestral sites. Overseen by an ASC staff archaeologist and SSU anthropology Professor Adrian Praetzellis.

Student Benefit: Students learn how to identify and record archaeological sites; to recognize natural and manmade threats to their survival; to appreciate both the scientific and traditional Native American value of these sites; and to create professional quality documentation.

Scientific/Social Benefit: Previously unknown archaeological sites are recorded and mapped, adding to our knowledge of North Bay prehistory. The work also helps to protect these sites by making their owners (such as California State Parks and the Sonoma Land Trust) aware of their value.

How Your Money Will Be Used: Potential uses include transportation costs, Student Assistant and staff wages, and stipends for Native American elders. Internship is taught as funds are available.

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