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Archaeological GIS and Database Internship

Cost of Internship: $5,500

Sponsorship Levels: $100 and up Student Level: Upper division and graduate students. Students enroll in ANTH 496 or 596.

3-D Model of site

What They Will Do: Students work with technical reports and artifact catalogs at the D.A. Fredrickson Archaeological Collections Facility to convert the records into an interactive digital format. They manipulate GIS spatial data; digitize site maps, excavation units and levels, profiles, and features. The resulting GIS geodatabases are linked to the Facility’s artifact database and can be used to create a 3D-reconstruction of each archaeological site in GIS. The Facility contains artifacts and excavation reports from over 2,000 archaeological sites that represent over 10,000 years of human occupation. Overseen by Facility staff, ASC staff, and SSU anthropology Professor Adrian Praetzellis.

Student Benefit: Students will learn important skills and gain professional experience in the latest versions of technical software such as ESRI ArcGIS, Microsoft Access, and Adobe Illustrator. They will learn to digitize site maps in graphics and GIS software programs, and become familiar with databases and database software, learning how to create and troubleshoot tables, queries, and reports.

Scientific/Social Benefit: The work will use untapped resources at the D.A. Fredrickson Archaeological Collections Facility to uncover and report on California’s historic and Native American past. Student products will become part of the Facility’s master database and made available to scholars who are studying California’s history and prehistory.

How Your Money Will Be Used: Potential uses may include Student Assistant and staff wages, and software maintenance and upgrades. Internship is taught as funds are available.

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