A. Features Associations by Block (1.8 MB PDF)

Features are organized by block and list the historical address, deposition date, family or household name, nativity, and the occupation of the head of the household.

B. Feature Snapshots (3.5 MB PDF)

Brief feature “snapshots” with artifact photo layouts, association, and standard faunal and artifact data.

C. West Approach Block Technical Reports and Prehistoric Report
(Report list)

Archaeologists located 90 historic-era archaeological features. They analyzed the resulting 211,680 artifacts and ecofacts and summarized the findings in a recently published series of Block Technical Reports (Praetzellis, ed. 2007). The excavation at the prehistoric site is reported upon separately (Martin 2006). Available on CD-Rom.

D. Faunal Data and Artifact Catalog (File list)

West Approach faunal data and artifact catalogs. Available on CD-Rom.

E. Beads of the West Approach Project (1.75 MB PDF)

Bead study by Karlas Karklins with Lester Ross

F. Consumption and Status in Nineteenth-century San Francisco and Oakland: Statistical Analyses for the San Francisco West Approach Project (3.92 MB PDF)

Statistical analyses by Bruce Owen