Part I

The Loma Prieta Earthquake and Its Aftermath (2.5 MB PDF)

Chapter 1 presents an introduction to the West Approach Project—the project’s how, why, when, where, and whom. It briefly describes our methods and research questions, and outlines the project history and the resulting reports. Short essays/sidebars cover prehistoric deposits in the South of Market (Stewart), impacts of the original San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge construction, short biography of project area resident Bret Harte, and the custom shoring used to excavate deep wells.

A Brief History of the South of Market (2.3 MB PDF)

Chapter 2 condenses the excellent historical background written by Nancy Olmsted and Roger W. Olmsted (2000) for the project. It contains sidebars on two neighborhood institutions: St. Mary’s Hospital and the Miners’ Foundry.