Part II

Life in the Neighborhoods (3.8 MB PDF)

Chapter 3 begins with a discussion of the archaeology of neighborhood institutions—St. Mary’s Hospital, the California Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies, and the Silver Street Kindergarten. The chapter then describes the three distinct project area neighborhoods: The Edge of Rincon Hill, Shore of Mission Bay, and Tar Flat.

Rincon Hill was San Francisco’s first exclusive address and its edges housed a mix of elite and ordinary residents. By its moniker, Tar Flat hints at a less than salubrious setting. Working people lived there in small houses on small parcels surrounded by industry with its attendant pollutants of sights, sounds, and smells. The Shore of Mission was midway between the two.

What was family life like in each of the three neighborhoods studied? How did the neighborhoods differ? Chapter 3 explores these topics using case studies from each neighborhood. Short essays cover a variety of topics from the corner market—to pets and pests—dogs, cats, rats and pathologies, birds and fish—to fill and the weather.