Sonoma State University Bias Response

Stop Bias

Cultivating a Safe and Civil Learning Environment

Sonoma State University is strongly committed to creating a productive learning and living environment that promotes the rights, safety, dignity, and value of every individual. It is fundamental to our mission to promote a civil, respectful, and inclusive community, and to oppose acts of racism, religious intolerance, sexism, ageism, homophobia, harassment, discrimination against those with disabling conditions, or other forms of intolerance. To support this vision and practice, a bias response team has been created.

[The goal of cultivating a safe and civil learning environment is further articulated in both SSU’s Academic Senate resolution, “Statement of Civility and Tolerance” (resolved, 4/13) and SSU’s Associated Students resolution, “Creation of a Bias Response Protocol” (resolved, 4/13).]

Sonoma State University’s Bias Response Team (SSUBRT)

Sonoma State University’s Bias Response Team (SSUBRT) is an ad hoc working group convened by The HUB and will be affiliated with the President’s Diversity Council. SSUBRT explores and implements optimal ways to disseminate the CSU discrimination policy and reporting procedures directed toward students. These forms of dissemination include processes and media that especially resonate with students. Specifically, SSUBRT will:

  1. Initiate and implement a website for the reporting of bias incidents that is student friendly. Incidents reported via this website will be sent to a specified member of the SSUBRT for discussion, referral or action.
  2. Develop a mechanism or mechanisms for SSU community members, especially students, to be informed about the investigation process after a reported act of discrimination has been submitted. This informing must fall within the legal and privacy parameters of the CSU,
  3. Develop a mechanism or mechanisms for SSU community members, especially students, be informed of the judiciary process related to reported acts of discrimination, and, if relevant, any punitive measures enacted. This informing must fall with the legal and privacy parameters of the CSU.
  4. Taking into consideration the nature of reported bias incidents and informed by SSU Student Affairs co-curricular practices, the SSUBRT will help promote and deliver co-curricular programs that cultivate civility, civic public discourse, and respect for perceived differences.


The Director of the HUB, the Title IX Coordinator, the Student Crisis Advocate in CAPS, the Associated Students Diversity Senator, the Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, one staff member with interest and understanding appointed in consultation with the HUB Director and the Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, one student appointed by the HUB, one Residence Life employee appointed by the VP of Student Affairs. Terms by office holder and to be determined for appointed positions.

SSUBRT will develop resource relationships with - the Judicial Officer, the Police, the Health Center, the Counseling and Psychological Services Center, Residential Life, the President’s Diversity Council, the Director of the Hutchins Dialogue Center and the Diversity Council of the Associated Students. SSUBRT will also consult with other campus committees/communities as needed.


the SSUBRT meets as needed depending on the amount of incidents reported. It should meet at least once a month to assess outreach about the website and more often when planning co-curricular activities.