Spring 2017 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00pm, Darwin 103

Jan 24 Introductory Meeting – Dr. Lisa Bentley, Colloquium Coordinator
Jan 31
(Host: Radosevich)
Dr. Nancy Anderson, University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, OWCN. "Oiled Wildlife Response in California: How Biologists Are Involved"
Feb 7
(Host: Dodge)
Dr. Simon Melov, Buck Institute for Research on Aging. "Translating Geroscience"
Feb 14
(Host: Cushman)
Dr. Lara G. Reichmann, University of California, Berkeley. "Direct and Indirect Contrils of Precipitation on ANPP: Legacies, Meristem Limitation and Plant Communities"
Feb 21
(Host: Cohen)
Dr. Helen Raybould, University of California, Davis. "Bugs, Guts and Brains: How Gut Microbiota Shapes Your Mind and Body"
Feb 28
(Host: Gilmore)
Dr. Anneliese Hettinger, Oregon State University. "Challenges and New Approaches for Understanding Coastal Marine Species Under Ocean Acidification"
March 7
(Host: Place)
Dr. Tyler Evans, California State University, East Bay. “A Role for Transcriptomics in Environmental Physiology, Global Change Biology, and Finding the ‘Genes that Matter' for Environmental Adaptation”
Mar 14
Mar 21
(Host: Bogan)
Kathern Corn, Ph.D. Student, University of California, Davis. "Shark Saws to Fish Jaws: Using Fish Biomechanics to Explore Evolution"
March 28
(Host: Crocker)
Dr. Luis Huckstadt, University of California, Santa Cruz. "Understanding the Current and Historical Role of Pinnipeds in Antarctic Trophic Webs: New Insights from Stable Isotopes Analysis"
Apr 4
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Meghan Laturney, University of California, Berkeley. "Love and Chemical Warfare: the Battle of the Sexes over Female Reproductive Behaviours in Drosophila"
Apr 11
(Host: Bentley)
Dr. Michael Loik, University of California, Santa Cruz. "Cold Rain and Snow: Plant Responses to Precipitation Change"
Apr 18
(Host: Torok)
Dr. Aindrila Mukhopadhyay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Challenges and Successes in Developing Solvent-Tolerant Bacteria: Use of Proteins in Strain Engineering"
Apr 25
(Host: Geist)
Dr. Jason Watters San Francisco Zoological Society. "Zoo Animal Behavior and Welfare: Observations, Ideas and Experiments"
May 2
(Host: Zippay)
Dr. Cheryl Logan, California State University, Monterey Bay. "A Comparative Analysis of High pCO2 Effects on Rockfish (genus Sebastes) Physiology"
May 9
(Host: Pillai )
Dr. Imilce A. Rodriguez-Fernandez, Buck Institute for Research on Aging. “A New Proteostasis Checkpoint in Drosophila Intestinal Stem Cells”