Fall 2018 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:05 - 12:55pm, Darwin 103

Aug 21 Introductory Meeting – Dr. Joseph Lin, Colloquium Coordinator
Aug 28
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Matthew James, Sonoma State University. “Collecting Evolution: The Galapagos Expedition That Vindicated Darwin”
Sep 4
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Lisa Hua, University of California, San Francisco. “The Inevitable Divorce: Segregation of Maternal and Paternal Genomes”
Sep 11
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Dennis Mangan, Chalk Talk Science Project. “Science Communication: Turning Discovery into Interesting, Informative and Entertaining Stories!”
Sep 18
(Host: Lee)
Dr. Sean Anderson, California State University, Channel Islands. "It Can’t Happen Here…But Just Did: The Need for & Value of New Tools & Tech for Biological Conservation"
Sep 25
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Adam Williamson, University of California, San Francisco. “How to Build a Cancer Eating Machine”
Oct 2
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Nicole Howie, Medtronic. "Testing a Novel Nanofiber Scaffold for Utility in Bone Tissue Regeneration”
Oct 9
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Ozgur Genc, University of California, San Francisco. Title: TBA
Oct 16
(Host: Lee)
Dr. Lou Zeidberg, California State University, Monterey Bay. “Jetting Around the Ocean”
Oct 23
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Ruchika Bajaj University of California, San Francisco. “Structure-Function Relationships in ABC Transporters”
Oct 30
(Host: Lin)
Alexandra Long, University of California, San Francisco. “Cell Division: Mechanical Integrity with Dynamic Parts”
Nov 6
Dr. Richard Whitkus, Sonoma State University. "Group Advising for Biology Majors"
Nov 13
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Robert Newberry, University of California, San Francisco. “The Many Faces of Alpha-Synuclein: The Toxic Protein Chameleon that Causes Parkinson's Disease”
Nov 20
(Host: Cohen)
Laura Breyer, Vineyard Integrated Pest Management Specialist, Dutton Estate Winery. “Science and the Farmer: Observations on the Evolution and Adoption of Technical Advances in North Coast Viticulture”
Nov 27
(Host: Lin)
Dr. Atanas Radkov, University of California, San Francisco. “Probing the Molecular Interaction Between a Lytic Enzyme Toxin and the Bacterial Cell Wall”
Dec 4
(Host: Lin )
Steven Wilson, Stanford University. “Structural Insights into Neurexophilin-Neurexin Complexes”