Spring 2018 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:05 - 12:55pm, Darwin 103

Jan 23 Introductory Meeting – Dr. Michael Cohen and Dr. Nicholas Geist, Colloquium Coordinators
Jan 30
(Host: Torok)
Dr. Romy Chakraborty, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “Exploring Plant-Microbe Interactions for Sustainable Supply of Nitrogen and Phosphorus”
Feb 6
(Host: Kozanitas)
Alan Rockefeller, Counter Culture Labs. “Toxic, Edible and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms of Mexico”
Feb 13
(Host: Bentley)
Dr. Sasha Berleman, Audubon Canyon Ranch. “Fire Ecology” - CANCELLED
Feb 20
(Host: Geist)
Dr. Jason Watters, San Francisco Zoo. “Zoo Animal Behavior and Welfare: Observations, Ideas and Experiments”
Feb 27
(Host: Lin)
Eliza Nieweglowska, University of California, San Francisco. “Elucidating the Mechanisms Driving the Formation of a Nucleus-like Bacteriophage Compartment”
Mar 6
(Host: Girman)
Tyler Linderoth, University of California, Berkeley. "Mapping a Phenotypic Radiation in the Mimic Poison Frog Through Population-Scale Exome Sequencing"
Mar 13
(Host: Bentley)
Sahrye Cohen, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. “So You Want to Save the World? How to Work in Ecological Regulation”
Mar 20
Spring Break
Mar 27
(Host: Rank)
Art Dawson Baseline Consulting, Glen Ellen, CA. “Historical Ecology of Sonoma County”
Apr 3
(Hosts: Cohen/Torok)
Dr. Alma Parada, Stanford University. "Archaeal Diversity and Activity in the Marine Environment"
Apr 10
(Host: Crocker)
Dr. Michael Tift, University of California, San Diego. “The Therapeutic and Protective Potential of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in Deep Diving Mammals and High-Altitude Humans”
Apr 17
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Janice Edgerly-Rooks, Santa Clara University. “Silk as Armor and the Web of Adaptation (the Order Embioptera)”
Apr 24
(Host: Geist)
Wendy St. John, Sonoma State University. “Riparian Restoration on a University Campus: SSU’s Copeland Creek”
May 1
(Host: Whitkus)
Dr. Kirsten Tripplett, Traditional Medicinals, Sonoma County. “Plant Biologists in the Dietary Supplement Industry: Botanical Identity Specialists and Non-Academic Career Paths”
May 8
(Host: Lin )
Dr. Marlin Halim, California State University, East Bay. “Oligonucleotide-based Molecular Imaging"