Fall 2014 Colloquium - Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00pm, Darwin 103

Date Presenter & Topic
Aug 19th Introductory Meeting – Dr. Murali Pillai, Colloquium Coordinator
Aug 26th
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. Monica Lares, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Sonoma State University. “Human Accelerated Region 1: A Novel Gene.”
Sept 2nd
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Caroline Williams, University of California-Berkeley. “Cold Adaptation in Insects.”
Sept 9th
(Host: Cohen)
Dr. Igor Goryanin, Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology and University of Edinburgh. “Microbial Fuel Cells.”
Sept 16th
(Host: Cushman)
Dr. Marko Spasojevic, Department of Biology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. “The World Isn’t Flat: The Importance of Topography In Understanding The Impacts of Climate Change.”
Sept 23rd
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. Erin Benanti, University of California, Berkeley. “Many Ways to Move: Diverse Actin-Based Motility Among Burkholderia Species.”
Sept 30th
(Hosts: Lillig/Pillai)
Dr. Abby Dernburg, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. “Chromosome Dynamics During Meiosis in C. elegans.
Oct 7th
(Host: Cohen)
Dr. Michael P. Thelen, Biosciences, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. “Depleting Lignin from Lignocellulose for Cost-Effective Biofuel Production.”
Oct 14th
(Hosts: Torok/Cohen)
Dr. David A. Mills, Dept. of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis. “A Milk-Oriented Gut Microbiota in Breast Fed Infants - Yet Another Reason to Thank Your Mother.”
Oct 21st
(Host: Geist)
Dr. Ryosuke Motani, University of California, Davis. “Ichthyosaurs: Their Discovery, Evolution, and Adaptation to Aquatic Lifestyle.”
Oct 28th
(Host: Cohen)
Dr. Carl Pilcher, NASA Astrobiology Institute. “Astrobiology: The Quest to Understand the Potential for Life Beyond Earth.”
Nov 4th
(Host: Rank)
Dr. Andrea Zwei, Department of Biology, San Francisco State University. “Dynamics and Diagnosis of Tick-Borne Diseases in a Changing Landscape.”
Nov 11th Veterans Day Holiday
Nov 18th
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. Sean Place Department of Biology, Sonoma State University. “Climate Change and Physiological Genomics.”
Nov 25th
(Host: Whitkus)
Dr. Andrew Smith Senior Agricultural Biologist, Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner's Office. Title TBA.
Dec 2nd
(Host: Pillai)
Dr. James Sheridan AbbVie Biotherapeutics, Redwood City. “Daclizumab, an IL-2 Modulating Antibody Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.”