Field Trip Forms

So you are going on a field trip! Exciting stuff, to be sure. However, there are a few forms to be filled find your ID and insurance information and let's get started!

Are you driving? Whether you are driving by yourself or with others, whether in your own car or a rental vehicle, all of the forms below must be completed.

  1. Cover Page
  2. Emergency Information Form/Release Agreement
  3. Permission to Drive Vehicles
  4. Volunteer Identification Form
  5. Authorization to Use Privately Vehicles on State Business
  6. CSU Waiver of Liability
  7. Notice of Travel Risks
  8. A copy of your driver's license (this can be done in the Biology Office). Please note: you must be 21 to drive a rental vehicle, or drive a carpool. If you are under 21, you can only drive solo!

Are you a passenger? All passengers must fill out the forms below.

  1. Emergency Information Form/Release Agreement
  2. CSU Waiver of Liability
  3. Notice of Travel Risks

Whew! Please contact the Biology Office if you have any questions!