Academic Programs

The Department of Biology offers two broadly-based bachelor's degree programs and a Master of Science degree. Within each bachelor's degree program, there are opportunities for selecting a concentration. A congenial atmosphere allows students to develop a close relationship with peers, graduate students, and faculty. An emphasis is placed on laboratory and field courses and on participation in research.

The undergraduate curriculum, supported by physical sciences and mathematics, is designed to provide students with a strong background in the principles of biology and rigorous upper-division instruction. This combination of breadth and in-depth instruction allows students to develop the intellectual foundations and the skills necessary to deal with the specific biological concerns of today and the flexibility to meet the needs of the profession.

The Master's program is comprised of an active cohort of graduate students engaged in original research with faculty members in all areas of research specialization covered in the department. Graduate research is often supported by external funding and graduate student support includes teaching assistantships.

Our graduates pursue diverse career paths related to biology. We maintain an excellent record of acceptance in advanced degree programs in various health professions. Students seeking a teaching credential may elect biology as their major within the teaching credential preparation program in science.