Secondary Education Teaching Credential Preparation in Life Science

Teaching biology as a subject requires a credential from the State of California, obtained by completing a Single Subject Credential Program (at SSU, through the Department of Education). The appropriate credential is in science with a biological sciences concentration. Biology students must demonstrate competence in the natural sciences and biology by passing the SSAT/Praxis examinations before admission to, or during completion of, their credential program (see the Teacher Recruitment and Information Center, Stevenson Hall, Room 3023 for details). No specific degree or set of courses is required, but passage of the exams requires proficiency in life sciences, chemistry, geosciences (astronomy, geology, meteorology, and oceanography), physics, and general issues in science, as well as advanced knowledge of biology. Both the B.A. and B.S. degrees in biology provide strong background for passing the exams and gaining entrance into a credential program provided that coursework in physical sciences not specifically required by the degree is completed. See the department chair for additional information. Admission into the SSU credential program also requires that students pass the CBEST exam and complete these two courses:

EDUC 417 School and Society (counts in G.E. area D1) .....3
EDUC 418 Learning and Development in Adolescents .....3

Admission also requires completion of an approved, 40-hour field experience in middle school (20 hours) and high school classrooms (20 hours), as well as three letters of recommendation and an interview.