Bachelor of Arts in Chicano and Latino Studies - Before Fall 2013

Interdisciplinary Studies Track

This is the track for students attending SSU before the Fall 2013 school year. For incoming CALS majors (or perspective majors) please see Bachelor of Arts.

The Bachelor of Arts in Chicano and Latino Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the historical, political, social, educational, economic, and cultural developments that affect Latino communities in the United States. It provides an excellent background for students preparing for careers in education, social services, law, business, counseling, and community organizing.

CALS Core Requirements
Class Number Class Title Units
CALS 350 Latino Cultural Studies 4
CALS 442 Race, Class and Gender Among Latinos 4
CALS 445 Chicano/Latino History 4
CALS 458 Chicano and Latino Studies Research and Methodology 4
CALS 474 Major Authors in Chicano/Latino Literature 4
CALS 480 Latin American Migration to the United States 4

CALS Elecive Requirements
Class Number Class Title Units
CALS 225/225L Spanish for Bilinguals 4/1
CALS 310 Chicano/Latino Folk Arts & Crafts 1
CALS 314 Latin American Literature in Translation 3
CALS 339 Latinos in the U.S. Labor Market 3
CALS 352 Chicano/Latino Philosophy 4
CALS 365 Chicano/Latino Theater 1
CALS 366 Mexican Folk and Traditional Dance 1
CALS 368 Chicano/Latino Music 3
CALS 374 Chicano/Latino Literature 4
CALS 393 Chicano/Latino Cinema 3
CALS 403 Chicano/Latino Youth & Adolescents 4
CALS 405 The Chicano/Latino Family 4
CALS 426 Chicano/Latino Sociolinguistics 4
CALS 432 Latinos in a Global Context 4
CALS 451 Chicano/Latino Humanities 4
CALS 456 Sociology of Education/Latinos and Education 4
CALS 479 Chicano/Latino Art History 4

Area of Concentration (20-24 units)

In order to meet Sonoma State University’s unit requirement for graduation (120 units), majors must complete an additional 20-24 units of coursework. Students will decide on an area of concentration suited to their personal and professional interests in consultation with their advisor. This requirement may be waived for students who are pursuing a double major or a minor.

Capstone Project

All CALS majors must complete a capstone project/paper during their senior year. The capstone must be completed in one of the following classes: CALS 405, CALS 426, CALS 442, CALS 445, CALS 480 or CALS 474. Please consult with your major advisor about this requirement prior to the start of your senior year.

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