Chartering Requirements

All clubs/organizations are required to renew the club/organization charter, annually. Failure to uphold the requirements below may result in the suspension of your recognition as a student organization. CSLIS maintains the authority to revoke a club charter status at any time.

To maintain recognition as a chartered club/organization, all student clubs/organizations must fulfill the following requirements:

  • President and Treasurer must be currently enrolled students, registered with a minimum of six (6) units as an undergraduate or three (3) units as a graduate.
  • President and Treasurer must maintain a 2.0 cumulative and term GPA for each semester in office.
  • President and Treasurer will have earned no more that 150 cumulative units or 125% of units needed towards graduation (whichever is higher).

  • Need a minimum of 5 members who are currently enrolled students. Enrolled students must constitute a minimum of 80% of total membership, with the exception of sport clubs, fraternities, and sororities, whom must have 100% enrolled student membership.
  • Each organization is required to have a campus advisor, who must be a faculty or staff member who is an SSU employee paid by the state of California.
  • Each organization is required to have an account with the Associated Students and maintain a positive balance at all times
  • Create and submit a current constitution, to be filed with CSLIS.
  • Create a portal in OrgSync for your new club/organization. OrgSync is SSU's student club/organization management software system. To register for an account, use your Sonoma State University username/e-mail and password.

To renew your charter annually, each organization needs to complete the following:

  • Presidents and Treasurers must attend a mandatory chartering meeting, and complete all steps by the appropriate deadline.
  • Acquire signatures for all necessary paperwork. The chartering packet will be distributed at the chartering meeting.
  • Update contact information on the club's/organization's OrgSync profile. If you need administrative access to the portal, please contact CSLIS.
  • Review the group's constitution to make sure that it is the most up-to-date version of the document. If changes have been made, please upload them to the group's OrgSync portal.

To update a charter with a new President or Treasurer, each organization needs to complete the following:

  • Schedule an appointment with CSLIS to complete the appropriate training and submission of documents by the appropriate deadline.

When CSLIS has determined that each organization has fulfilled the above requirements:

  • Your organization will receive a letter and e-mail confirming the group has successfully chartered. In addition to the letter, new organizations will be provided with their AS account number and copies of the newest Student Organization Handbook (pdf).
  • Your organization will be issued their mailbox in the CSLIS office. Organizations are required to use their mailboxes, and check them regularly. Your organization will be listed in the club directory.
  • Your organization will be approved to use your Associated Students account, charge services in the Student Union, and reserve space on campus through Conference and Event Services (CES).
  • Your organization will be eligible to apply for grants through the Associated Students grants process. Grants are available for programming, travel, supplies and dues and fees. All grant amounts are for the entire academic year. For more information about grants and the process, visit Associated Students.

All chartered clubs and their individual members are required to:

  • Adhere to all CSU, local, state, and federal laws.
  • Adhere to all university policies and procedures pertaining to student organizations.
  • Adhere to the SSU Student Code of Conduct
  • Provide accurate and truthful information to university officials.
  • Attend all meetings required by CSLIS. Information about upcoming meetings will be provided at least two weeks in advance.
  • Maintain your SonomaSync Portal with current officers, contact information, meeting times, and so forth.
  • Provide CSLIS with any changes in officers, contact information, meeting times, within 2 weeks of alterations.