Day of Event

For the day of the event, it is important to consider the following:

  • Create a day-of-show schedule with hour-by-hour details of duties and activities before, during, and after the event (especially cleanup of the event).
  • Gather supplies, signs, and any items needed at the venue during the event including important phone numbers and contact information in case of emergency.
  • Host a pre-event meeting to assign duties/event roles and communicate expectations to all involved.

After the Event

One of the final important responsibilities for the sponsoring student organization is to conclude with an event evaluation.  Evaluation reviews of the event can help with future planning, changes, and improvements.

Evaluations may be completed by people in attendance at the event, as well as individuals who coordinated the event.  By distributing evaluations to all involved, you will be able to collect a more precise and accurate assessment of your event. 

Types of Evaluations
There are generic evaluation forms that can be used, but it may be beneficial to create your own.  In doing this, you can target specifics of your event and assess whether objectives were met.  While paper evaluations are commonly used, you can also create evaluations to be completed online.  SonomaSync is a great tool for this. Evaluations can contain quick questions that can be answered by circling or checking items, but the best information is often provided in open comment sections.

Things to Consider

  • Should this event be repeated in the future?
  • Were the event’s goals met and the purpose fulfilled?
  • What went well during the event?
  • What can be improved upon?
  • What ideas/suggestions do you have for future events?