Event Operations and Technology Services

The set-up and technology needs for the event should be communicated by the sponsoring organization on the original RUFAS (event request) form. In the event of a complex request, operations and technology needs will be discussed in the organization’s Special Events meeting. 

Typical set up/technology needs for Special Events could include:

  • Lighting for dances in the Student Center Ballroom
  • Large meeting space or Ballroom set up
  • Barricades and fencing
  • Special sound requests for concerts, dances, and speaker events

Event Hosts

In the case of a Special Event such as a dance, the sponsoring student organization must provide a) event volunteers to support the even in a variety of different capacities. The exact number of hosts will be determined and enforced by the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS) office, in partnership with the sponsoring organization.

All volunteers must be present at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, and the supervising professional staff member has the authority to delay the start of the event/and or cancel the event if all of event volunteers are not present at this time. 

  • University Administration: At least one professional staff member will be present at a Special Event to support the sponsoring student organization.  This individual will work with event hosts, security, and building staff to maintain a safe environment for all participants.  The staff member will enforce the event host policy, and, at any time, has the authority to deny admission, ask a participant to leave, or cancel the event if necessary. 
  • Security Staff: All student organization Special Events hosted on campus will utilize Associated Students Event Staff to provide security services.  The sponsoring student organization may not, under any circumstance, make separate arrangements for security. The staff involved in the Special Event Meeting will determine if security services are necessary for the event and how many security staff members will be appropriate for the nature event.
  • Police Staff: Police staff may also be present at events with 100+ attendees or those considered Special Events.   

Ticket Sale Procedures—University Box Office

For cash handling purposes, organizations choosing to charge a specific dollar amount for admission or ticket fees for an event are required to do so through the University Box Office. The organization may not collect money for the purposes of ticket sales or admission fees without the use of the Box Office.

If the sponsoring organization chooses not to ticket the event, they are permitted to ask for donations at event the site of event admission, however they are not allowed to require all participants to pay and cannot specify a precise dollar amount for those wishing to donate.  This money must be deposited into the club’s account on the next business day following donation collection. 

Box Office Timeline

Setting up a ticketed event will occur during the student organization Special Event meeting; however organizations must keep in mind that a ticketed event must be set up with the Box Office at least two (2) weeks from when the organizations wan the tickets to go on sale OR at least four (4) weeks before the event date.

Ticket Prices

The sponsoring student organization will work with the University Box Office to determine event ticket prices.  Generally, groups settle on a price for guests who purchase their tickets in advance and a price for guests who buy them at the door.  Ticket prices may also be determined based on the membership of the guests. For example, tickets for SSU Students with a valid ID are FREE, Faculty/Staff pay $5, and community members at large pay $7. Any changes in detail related to ticket prices, event dates, etc. must be communicated with the University Box Office Manager (tickets@sonoma.edu, 707-664-4246) as soon as possible.

Ticket Revenue

Revenue earned from ticket sales will be deposited into the club’s account after University Box Office charges are deducted.  If charges exceed revenue, the club is responsible for making up this deficit. 

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online as well as in person at the University Box Office located at the information desk on the first floor of the Student Center.

Complementary Tickets

Complementary tickets may be issued to the sponsoring organization before the event. The organization must provide a list of all complementary ticket recipients prior to the event.  All bearers of the complementary tickets are required to fall within the stated admission categories, and must present valid student identification at the time of admission.

Consignment Tickets

Sponsoring student organizations are allowed to sell tickets on consignment from the University Box Office. Details (including due date and time to return ticket money) and final approval of the consignment ticket sales is at the discretion of the University Box Office and the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS).  A penalty charge to the sponsoring organization’s club account and a loss of consignment ticket privileges will result if guidelines are not adhered to or are abused.


Organizations sponsoring ticketed events are required to check in with the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS), and University Box Office seven
(7) days prior to the event.  If at least 20% of the event’s total tickets are not sold by this time, the event is subject to immediate cancellation. 

Cancellation two (2) or more days before the event will result in a $50 Box Office charge to the sponsoring student organization. Cancellation less than two (2) days will result in a $100 charge. 

Event Admission

Generally, the following admission procedures will be followed at Special Events.  Exceptions to the procedures may be discussed at the Special Events Meeting.


In addition to the procedures described above, the following will also be administered at dance and performance events:

  • Admission limited to currently enrolled SSU students only, with proof of SSU student ID 
  • Valid identification will be requested from event patrons at the point of ticket purchase and at the point of event admission
  • Upon leaving the event, patrons will not be allowed to reenter the venue and event building. 


If the event is open to the campus or general public, student organizations are required to work with University Catering Services for all hospitality needs, including food and beverage services. This includes serving of alcohol (please reference Alcohol Policy). Failure to abide by this policy may result in the sponsoring student organization’s forfeiture of space reservation and other club related privileges. 

Catering Menu

For comprehensive catering services, consider ordering from Culinary Services’ full catering menu. Student organizations should consider this option when:

  • More than 50 guests are attending your event
  • Food and beverage items are required on the weekend
  • A buffet or banquet style service is appropriate 
  • Customization or substitution of menu items is desired 
  • You would like setup/cleanup of food and beverage items to be handled by our staff 

Pack and Dine

For simple catering needs, the W+B Pack and Dine menu is a great option.

Pack and Dine is ideal for:

  • Small meetings with less than 50 participants
  • Last minute" basic food and beverage items 
  • Making an easy payment via credit card

Dining Donations

University Culinary Services provides donations to clubs and organizations throughout the year to help enhance co-curricular student programs. Four donations will be granted to clubs and organizations per semester. The maximum amount granted per club or organization will be $250 with a total of $1000 donated per semester for the Dining Donation Program.  Student organizations can apply for support in the form of party platters, catering trays, or product donations (water, soda, snack foods, etc).  

Donations are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. The form will be closed once all donations have been granted for the semester.

The Dining Donation Requests form will be closed once all donations have been granted for the semester.


Student organizations hosting dances (and other events involving physical activity and/or high risk, as determined by the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS) and Conference and Event Services (CES)) are required to provide water for event attendees. During the Special Events meeting, the organization will work with Conference and Event Services (CES) to determine the appropriate amount of water (based on projected attendance) that must be ordered from University Culinary Services.  The sponsoring student organization is expected to cover the cost of water.   

Closed Organization Events

The only exception to the catering policy for student organizations is in the case that the event is closed to members of the organization only.  For example, an organization’s weekly meeting could be considered closed. The sponsoring organization must be specified the CLOSED EVENT status on the RUFAS event request form. In this case, the organization will be permitted to bring in food and or beverages from outside of campus dining services or offer a potluck to members.  The organization must also abide by Sonoma State University Alcohol Policy.

Abuse of this policy could result in loss of privileges and/or recognition status of the student organization.

Sales and Solicitation of Funds Policy

At various events, student clubs and organizations may wish to collect money on behalf of the organization (besides the sale of tickets through the University Box Office).  An example would be selling club t-shirts or related merchandise before, during, or after an event.  With that collection of money, clubs must get university approval via the On-Campus Sales and Solicitation of Funds policy.

To obtain university approval, the sponsoring organization is required to complete, with the assistance of the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS) the Application Form For Campus Sales and Non-Charitable Solicitationsand return to the Conference and Event Services (CES) office at least 10 days prior to the event. 

Sales that will not be approved include:

  • Sale of items that are already sold on campus by the University
  • Sales or services by individuals for profit
  • Lotteries or raffles; however University organizations may be permitted to conduct drawings for which donations are requested
  • Charitable fund drives or fundraisers for the benefit of a larger community or of particular agencies, organizations, or causes, and events within the community


When hosting events on campus, student organizations and their guests must abide by all University traffic and parking rules and regulations.  If the organization is hosting a speaker or special guest for an event, and would like to purchase a parking pass for that individual, the organization is responsible for working with Parking Services to make that purchase.