Marketing & Promotions

Getting the word out about a student organization event is an integral part of the planning process. 

Printed Materials

One of the most common forms of marketing an event is through the use of posters, banners, and flyers on campus. For all campus space we recommend that you get your items printed at Campus Prints to be charged directly to your club account or through a supply grant through the Associated Students.  Campus Prints offers special printing packages for student organization events-contact them for more information. 

Once you have your posters or flyers, consider the following locations on campus. All of the options of utilizing campus space are all FREE for chartered student organizations.

Stevenson Hall Poster

How to reserve:

  • Go to the front desk of the Student Center and ask to reserve a spot for the Stevenson Hall Poster space
  • Tell them the week or 2 weeks that you desire to have  your post put up
  • Fill out a request form them to reserve the space
  • Bring your finished made poster to the front desk before the Friday at noon before the first week that the poster is supposed to be up.


  • Keep in mind this is very high up, SO LARGE AND SIMPLE WORDING IS NEEDED
  • Include your club name and/or event name
  • Include the date and time of meetings or event
  • If your event or club has a theme that is being put on smaller posters and flyers keep that consistent on your poster


  • Size: 8 feet long and 3 feet wide

Supplies needed:

  • Poster paper sold at the University Bookstore in the Student Center
  • Poster paint or markers

Small Posters


  • Use an eye catching graphic
  • Include your club name and/or event name
  • Include any dates and location information
  • A neat tag line is always good too

How to hang up posters around campus:

  • Make up to 50 posters to be put up throughout campus
  • Give these posters to the front desk of the Student Center to distribute for you OR hang them up yourself on approved campus bulletin boards

How to hang up posters in the residential halls:

  • You can make up to 62 posters to put on each CSA bulletin board
  • You can make up to 20 posters to be put in high traffic areas in the residential halls (i.e. laundry rooms)
  • Give the posters to the Residential Life Office (707.664.4033) located in the Zinfandel Hall


  • Small flyers can be left on counters of high traffic areas for people to grab and go
  • These can be used for tabling too
  • Using the same design as your small posters is recommended to keep things consistent

Recommended Areas:

  • Leave 25 at the front desk of the Student Center
  • Leave a stack on the second floor of the student center at the Student Activities desk
  • Leave some on tables in Charlie Browns or the Student Center Café
  • Leave a stack on the first floor of the Library by the metal detectors


Organizations frequently table in front Stevenson Hall and the Student Center in order to promote their events.  For how to reserve a table, see Tabling in the Scheduling section of this guide. 

Prime Tabling Times

These are most high traffic times to have a table in the Seawolf Plaza. It is recommended that you make shifts with designated members assigned to tables at a particular time, and interchange individuals at the table to ensure optimal energy.

  • Lunch time: 11pm-2pm
  • Dinner time: 5pm- 7pm

What to Have at Your Table

Suggested items include:

  • Table cloth: makes it look visually appealing and professional
  • Photos/Poster: have pictures with your club or event you are putting on
  • Sign Up Sheet: to take names and emails for future club members or event participants
  • Flyers: include club information (Facebook, email),  or information regarding events/fundraisers
  • Banner with Your Club Name: you can get apply for an AS grant to get this made

What to Say/Do at Your Table

  • NEVER block your table with your back to people passing, and try to avoid standing behind your table. You want to look approachable and you want to approach people instead of making them come to your table.
  • Watch what you say when you are not talking to people directly. People will listen to what your members say to each other, just as much as they will listen to what is said to them directly
  • Have a quick tag line or elevator pitch ready to go. Here are some examples:
    • “Interested in joining a sisterhood/brotherhood”
    • “Are you hungry? Come to our fundraiser at ______ tomorrow night!”
    • “Do you want to get involved on campus? Attend our performance event tomorrow night to find out how!”
  • Introduce yourself to people and when you say goodbye say it was nice meeting you or I look forward to seeing you with their name
  • Have a list of facts all your members tabling know depending on purpose of tabling
    • Tabling for Recruitment: purpose of club, # of members,  dues, events your club sponsors/attends
    • Tabling for Event:  time, date, location, and purpose

What to do After Tabling

  • Contact prospective members (through email or OrgSync) within 48 hours of writing their information on the sign-up sheet. 
    • Thank them for showing interest and ask if they have any questions
    • Invite them to attend meetings/event
  • Look over your supplies to see if you need to re-stock on any materials (i.e. flyers)


Chalking is an easy and effective method for advertising a campus event.  The following guidelines pertain to chalking at Sonoma State University:

  • Chalking by SSU student organizations to promote an activity is allowed, but only in certain areas with specific limitations.  To chalk, the organization must seek approval by the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS) by completing and turning in the Intent to Chalk form on OrgSync.
  • Markings may stay on the sidewalk a maximum of one week. Any chalking related to a campus event must be removed within 24 hours of the event.
  • The chalk used must be easily removable, and is usually labeled “sidewalk chalk.”  The University does not provide chalk for purposes of this policy.

The allowable sidewalk space for chalking is limited to:

  • Sidewalk areas between the International Hall, Commons, Salazar Hall, Stevenson, and in Seawolf Plaza
  • Sidewalk/ground space only. No vertical surfaces (walls, pillar, steps, etc.)
  • Chalk must be at least 2 feet from any grass, trees, or plants.

Violation of the chalking policy may result in disciplinary or legal action.

Student Center Digital Signage

Clubs and organizations have the opportunity to advertise their events or programs on the Student Center’s digital signage system.  TV monitors are located throughout the Student Center to display your message.  Clubs and organizations can advertise for free.

How to Submit:

  • If you already have a graphic, go to the form 14 days in advance and put in the information.
  • If you just have text you would like displayed, go to this form 14 days in advanced and fill it out.


  • Only less than 30 words and limit to 140 characters per slide
  • Size needs to be 1920x1080 pixels and image resolution must be either 72 or 96 dpi
  • Orientation of image needs to be landscape and in the digital format: JPG, PNG (15 mb max), GIF, or BMP.
  • Pick a clear, readable font (Arial, Helvetica, Garamond, Tahoma, Times New Roman) that can be seen from a far distance from the screen(s) with a font size of 60pt for headline and 24pt for body text at least.
  • Background and font color must be considered when creating digital signage content. Try using only a few colors to reduce viewer distraction. Also make sure to have a strong contrast between the image color and text color, so your content can be easily read.

Social Media and Organization Websites

The usage of social media is one of the easiest ways to market for your club.

Here is a list of most popular social media outlets and the most effective ways to use them:

  • Facebook
    • Making a page for people to like is a constant way for marketing
    • Create events for things you planned inviting your friends and keeping it open for others to join
    • Post links to your events in other groups
    • Use pictures and videos to engage your friends in posts
  • Instagram
    • Post your advertisements in the form of photos
    • Use 4-7 popular hashtags per post
    • Following others encourages them to follow you back
  • Twitter
    • Count downs before events with pictures
    • Share links to your website
    • Create Hashtags for your events or specific for your club/organization
    • Keep it short and sweet

Create a Club Facebook Page

Create a Website Using OrgSync

Create a Club Website using Google Sites

Club Connection Newsletter and Seawolf Living

The Club Connection email newsletter is sent to club leaders and advisors weekly.  Seawolf Living is a website that connects students with the latest, greatest events on-campus at Sonoma State University.  Twice a week, campus-wide emails are sent from Seawolf Living highlighting the latest and greatest SSU events on campus. Advertise your event to these audiences by sending a write up and picture of your event to

Campus and Local Media

Seek out members of local media outlets to help publicize your events. They can draw in a much greater audience, specifically the campus newspaper.    

Campus Media

The STAR is a student run newspaper that is printed every Tuesday

  • You can submit an advertisement about an upcoming event
  • You can ask them to come to your event to take photos
  • You can even have a blurb showcasing an event after the fact

SSU TV streams live videos on our campus channel 27 and online.

  • You can ask them to come video tape an event or game
  • You can ask them to create an advertisement during commercials
  • You can ask them to create promotional videos to stream

KSUN Radio is a student run radio that can broadcast your event as advertisement or have you as a guest on their show to talk about your event/club.

Local Media

Press Democrat

Guerilla Marketing

Creative marketing strategies that typically are unconventional that draws your attention to your club or event in an innovative manner.

Creative Ideas:

Club T-Shirts

  • If you are marketing to increase membership or for an upcoming event, have your entire club have matching T-Shirts. This attracts people to look to see what organization or club you are and/or what event you are sponsoring.

Wearing Costumes or Atypical/Uncommon Items

  • People are drawn to things out of the usual, so by wearing a poster with your advertisement or “ask me why I am…” or even a costume they will naturally be drawn to look.


  • This can be a fun thing to do in the Seawolf Plaza with your club as a team builder and attention grabber of a large audience.
  • Recommended you have a sign at the end that states what it is for.
  • Recommended times is lunch time or dinner time for most traffic.

Create an Element of Mystery

  • If you leave information out or be very minimal in your advertisements it will spark interest in finding out what it is.
  • Having something added to it each day is also creative to grab people’s attention (i.e. start with the date, then time, title, then what it is)


  • Have a kick off to an event to inform people about what it is and to draw their attention
  • An example is host an ice cream social that’s free and let everyone know there what it is
  • You can even make it a big reveal for theme of event too


  • Similar to atypical items on your body by placing atypical/uncommon items in approved locations on campus (must reserve the space) people’s attention will be drawn. An example is if you are hosting a debate about something regarding school, painting the information on a desk is more interesting than on a poster.
  • You can also create a visual item that states facts, for example, the red flags during alcohol awareness week symbolize the amount of college students who die due to drunk driving each year.
    • You can symbolize something significant with lots of small items and put up a poster next to it with your event or club information

Window Paint

  • Have your member paint the information on their cars with the window paint you can buy at a local dollar store
  • Include event, time, date, etc