Selecting a Date and Time

To minimize double booking, competing events, and low turnout, consider the following items that may have an impact on selecting an appropriate event date. 

Campus Calendars

  • Sonoma State Calendar: This page on Sonoma State’s website includes events on campus such as important academic events and breaks, performing arts, lectures, and athletic competitions.
  • Seawolf Living: This website connects students with the latest, greatest events on-campus at Sonoma State University. 
  • SonomaSync Calendar: This calendar features many club and campus events.  


Students, Staff, and Community Members that Live Off Campus

  • Rush hour affecting the commute.
  • Having to travel back and forth from campus after class or work.
  • Location that is not visible or known to commuters.


When planning an event, it is important to be aware of how to create an event that is open and accessible to everyone.  This can include considering visual, hearing, and physical accessibility to meeting areas and facilities, or to the information conveyed during the event itself and/or when creating a space that is safe and considerate of a wide range of abilities. 


  • Determine whether your event and location are designed to meet a diverse group of attendees. Consult the Accessible Event Planning Guide. Discuss concerns and get feedback on the accessibility of your event with staff from the Center for Leadership Involvement, and Service (CSLIS), Conference and Event Services (CES), and Disability Services for Students (DSS) at Sonoma State University. 
  • When advertising the event, help participants feel welcome by including the following phrase to allow individuals to contact you if special accommodations are required:
    • If you require specific accommodations for this event, please contact _________________ (your contact info).
  • Inquire about transportation accessibility.
  • Inquire about the use of interpreters.
  • When showing any television or video footage at your event, consider including closed-captioning or subtitles.

Space Reservations

Groups wishing to reserve space on campus for an event must do so through Conference and Event Services (CES).  To do that, the organization must complete a RUFAS form and Police Form if the event is over 100 participants and turn the original copy in to Student Activities front desk (Student Center 2nd Floor) at least (although more time is highly recommended):

  • Student Center Valley Rooms: 5-10 business days
  • General campus spaces (classrooms): 5-10 business days
  • 100+ people in attendance/ticket sales/catering: 6-8 weeks
  • Cooperage (if less than 100 people): 20 business days
  • Student Center Ballroom (if less than 100 people): 20 business days

Reserving the Erin Fisher Room

The Erin Fisher Room (EFR) is a conference room located on the 2nd Floor of the Student Center (in the Student Activities area).  It is available for student organization functions on a first-come, first basis and does not require the organization to complete a RUFAS space reservation form.  Complete this form to reserve the EFR.

Paperwork—RUFAS Form

Once a student organization determines when and where they would like the event to occur on campus, they must submit a space request form (RUFAS).  Here’s how to submit this paperwork:


What To Do

How To


Pick up a RUFAS form (Request for Use of Facilities and Services) from the Student Activities Desk

Come to the Student Activities Desk (Second floor of the Student Center) and pick up a form or download via the website.


Submit form with the below information based upon the appropriate timeline.

  • Student Center Valley Rooms: 5-10 business days
  • General campus spaces (classrooms): 5-10 business days
  • 100+ people in attendance/ticket sales/catering: 6-8 weeks
  • Cooperage (if less than 100 people): 20 business days Student Center Ballroom (if less than 100 people): 20 business days


Fill out ALL information on the RUFUS form.

  • Event Title
  • Organization/Department
  • Contact person’s information
  • Dates
  • Set Up
  • Cost
  • Attendance


If the event has 100+ people in attendance, a Police Form is required.

The Police Form can be picked up outside the CSLIS office or download via the website.


Events that meet one or all of the following criteria will be required to attend a Special Events Meeting. You will be contacted by CSLIS to schedule this meeting after the RUFAS is submitted.

Special Event criteria (one or a combination of the following):

  • Large event location (Commons, Cooperage, Student Center Ballroom, Person Theater)
  • 100+ guests
  • Event is concert, dance or performance
  • Ticketing is needed
  • Bar services requested
  • Event has history of being high risk


Make sure an authorized signer for your club has signed the form, as the form will not be processed by CES without this!

The authorized signers are chosen during chartering and include the president, treasurer, and advisor.  Additional authorized signers can be included upon request. 


Get your ON CAMPUS advisor to sign  the RUFAS form

Find your ON CAMPUS advisor and have him/her sign the bottom of the form


Turn in your RUFAS form to the Student Activities Desk

Turn in to the RUFAS form to either a student employee at the front desk or in the designated drop box


Await a response regarding your event

Check your email frequently for confirmation and/or questions from CES regarding  your space request

Special Note: Student Organization Reservation Privileges

Please note that student organizations may not reserve space on behalf of another organization, University department, or outside entity.  If a department or outside entity wishes to reserve space on campus, please refer them to Conference and Event Services (CES). Organizations also may not sell, sublease, or transfer reservations to another individual organization.  The student organization risks losing space reservation privileges if it fails to abide by these guidelines.  


The Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service (CSLIS) reviews all club event requests (and follows up if necessary).  Then, CSLIS forwards the event request to Conference and Event Services (CES) for processing and implantation of event logistics. CSLIS and Conference and Event Services (CES) reserve the right to deny events at any time due to timing, risk management, and other concerns. 

Event Confirmation

The scheduling process is completed only when the requestor (student organization’s event contact) has met all deadline dates and received written confirmation (via email) from Conference and Event Services (CES). It is recommended that student organizations print a copy of this event confirmation for their records. Organizations who have not received confirmation of the event should follow up as soon as possible with Conference and Event Services (CES).

Making Changes

Student organizations wishing to make a change (date, time, location) to an existing reservation must fill out a new RUFAS form with the new event details. No exceptions will be made.

Cancellation of Reservations

Cancellation of a reserved facility must be made by the requestor or another recognized representative of the sponsoring student organization.  Should organizations cancel with less than 5 business days’ notice, they will be charged in full for the set up and AV support if applicable.  For large-scale events, these costs could also include police and event security staffing, and box office fees. Organizations sponsoring ticketed events are required to check in with the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS) and University Box Office seven (7) calendar days prior to the event.  If at least 20% of the event’s total tickets are not sold by this time, the event is subject to immediate cancellation by the CSLIS office. 

Reservation ‘No Show’ Policy

Events will be considered no-show after 45 minutes from the start of reservations and the space will be locked. Organizations will be charged in full for the room rental, catering, box office, event security, set up, and AV support if applicable.


Student organizations (in good standing) wishing to table in Seawolf Plaza (area between the Student Center and Recreation Center) must reserve a table through the Student Center Information Desk located on the first floor of the Student Center. Reserving a table does not require the organization to fill out a RUFAS form, but instead a Tabling Reservation Request Form found at the Student Center Information Desk (first floor of the Student Center).

The Student Center Information Desk, Operations team, and Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS) staff reserve the right to revoke a student organization’s future tabling privileges if the privilege is abused in any way (i.e. defacing tables, using inappropriate language, disrespecting passersby).

Amplified Sound in Seawolf Plaza
Amplified sound (i.e. loud music from iPod/speakers) is allowed in Seawolf Plaza by one (1) tabling group at a time. Failure to abide by this policy will result in loss of tabling privileges.

Reserving Seawolf Plaza for a Tabling Event
In certain circumstances, student organizations may wish to reserve the entire Seawolf Plaza for a large-scale tabling event. To do this, the organization must follow reservation processes and fill out a completed RUFAS form indicating the desired location as SEAWOLF PLAZA.