Special Events Meeting

Events that meet one or all of the following criteria will be required to attend a Special Events Meeting. You will be contacted by Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service (CSLIS) to schedule this meeting after the RUFAS form is submitted.

  • Large event location (Commons, Cooperage, Student Center Ballroom, Person Theater)
  • 100+ guests
  • Event is concert, dance or performance
  • Ticketing is needed
  • Bar services requested
  • Event has history of being high risk

Those participating in the Special Events Meeting typically include: authorized representative(s) of the sponsoring student organization, Campus Live Advisor(s) from the CSLIS office, Event Staff Coordinator, Conference and Event Services representative, event Operations and Technology staff, and the University Box Office Manager. 

Please be prepared to discuss the following at the meeting:

  • Event budget
  • Ticket sales
  • Facilities set up and operations
  • Technical needs
  • Catering
  • Risk management and event security staffing
  • Contract (if applicable)
  • Marketing and event promotion

Other needs and/or concerns will be addressed as necessary during the meeting and follow up meetings will be scheduled if necessary. 

Please note that events that fall under this category will not officially be approved by the CSLIS office prior to the Special Events meeting taking place.  Once approved, the CSLIS office also reserves the right, at any time, to withdraw approval and/or cancel the event.