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Front Desk | Due: December 6

Massage Therapist | Open Until Filled

InMotion Coordinator

inMotion Instructor Application | Requirements | Questions

Personal Trainer | Open until filled


IMS Coordinator | Application Questions

Applications are due Friday, October 6th to the IMS box in the Glacier Bay offices on the 2nd floor of the Rec Center. We will be holding interviews the following week, preferably on Monday or Tuesday. We look forward to considering you all for the position!

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Campus Rec Work Student Assistant Timesheet- used for regular student assts (1870), international student assts (1868), Work Study students (1871), Bridge/Summer student assts (1874)

Campus Rec Casual Worker Timesheet

Any employee who has been with Campus Recreation for at least 1 year is eligible for a Merit Increase. Please review the Merit Increase Criteria for your Performance Review.

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