Instructional Clinics

Clinics are only offered during the academic semester. Clinics costs $5 and people can sign up at the front desk in the Rec Center. 

Intro to Belay
September 4: 2-3pm
September 12: 2-3pm
September 20: 5:30-6:30pm
September 24: 2-3pm

In this one-hour class, you will learn the basic skills needed to start rope climbing: how to secure your harness, tie a figure 8 follow through knot and complete your safety checks. You will also learn how to belay using an ATC belay device, catch a fall and lower your climber back to the ground. After the class, use your newfound skills and climb until your arms give out!

September 6: 2-3pm
September 10: 3-4pm
September 18: 2-3pm

In this class we go over everything you need to know to get off the ground. This class covers everything from gym etiquette, climbing terminology to basic climbing. This is geared towards people new to climbing through the intermediate climber wanting to climb harder.