Climbing Wall FAQs

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No, you don’t need any experience to come climbing. If you are interested, that's all you need. Feel free to come to the wall any time we are open and ask a staff member what to do. They will help you get shoes and a harness, they will teach you how to properly put on your harness and will be more than happy to belay you.

Climbing is FREE to all registered Sonoma State students including the gear and experience.

The rock climbing rating system is a system that categorizes climbing routes into varying difficultly levels. Roped routes are categorized using the 5.0 system; the higher the decimal number the harder the route (i.e. 5.6 is easy, a 5.8 would be moderate and a 5.11 would be difficult). Boulder problems are rated using the V- scale. V0-V2 is beginner, V3-V5 is intermediate, V6-V8 is advanced.

Belay Certification is required for all climbers who want to climb on top rope and lead routes. You will need to test twice in order to be certified for the semester. If you already know how to belay then feel free to ask a staff member for a belay check and they will be more than happy to help. If you do not know how to belay, sign up for one of our Instructional Clinics at the Campus Rec Front Desk.

This clinic is an introduction to climbing where one of our staff will teach you the basics including how to belay. Belaying refers to a technique used in climbing to exert friction on a climbing rope so that a falling climber is protected.  Cost: $5.
This clinic teaches the basics of lead climbing, an advanced style of climbing in which the climber starts with the rope on the ground and places protection as they climb instead of being anchored from above. This clinic is more advanced and assumes you already have some basic climbing knowledge including how to top-rope belay.  Cost: $5.